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The Enemy — 3 Comments

  1. My dear sister ! Oh how I need(ed) these strong words. Thank you ! The LORD gave it to your heart and mind, to comfort all who suffer violence. Be assured: There are many who treasure your caring and loving and powerful comforts.

  2. Hallelujah, Awesome Father, as you declared unto me, this day, Speaking to me.
    I give you Highest of Honor, and Praises lifted up, for indeed your Words came forth to me, Oh how I thank you, for I know tho are with me, my Shield.
    Higher Praises unto you. Glory, Glory, Glory, Thanks be to God !!! My Protector.

  3. This seems God is speaking to me and what is happening this day.  My trust is in Him and his love and faithfulness.  I will rest in Him. 
    Thank you for sharing this.  Have been worshipping the Lord all day.  Such a wonderful song in my spirit!  This week I also heard God speak during a thunderstorm. I told Him “I hear you Father God!!  His presence touched me!

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