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Warning Dream — A Christmas Sign! — 4 Comments

  1. Actors play in theaters. Theater is synonymous with fiction, simulation, hypocrisy, deception. So you have to be careful about illusions, about what appears one way but is another way.

  2. I received Jesus as my Savior in 2013. Then the visions came. My first vision: I woke up in my room during the night,it should’ve been dark but I could see. There was a dim light glowing. There was wreath wire strewn all over the room booby trapping me where I was. The Spirit had paralyzed me. All I could do was lift my head to see. At the beginning of the wire, there was a flame, a small flame. -end of vision-

  3. Around the same time you dreamed perry stone dreamed. He issued a warning for the election timeframe of 2024 based off his dream.

    His warning dreams have always been accurate.

    Watch his video.

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