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The Father Says Today — September 2023 — 9 Comments

  1. Thank you very much My Lord .
    I Love you Lord.
    I worship you Abba Father ,
    I Worship you Jesus Christ,
    I Worship you Holy Spirit.
    Thanks your Love

  2. Yes, Lord I am here.
    My will will always follow you, let you prepare me, and I will give you all my heart.
    Through your love for me, it is my unwavering trust that you will come to change the world, make me think like Christ, and accomplish your will in heaven.

  3. Thank You Lord for this word,i stand in AWE of You, answering prayers after my husband died 4 April 2023 in his sleep. He had vascular Dimenthia. Thank you brother for this it resonate in my spirit. My eldest brother Daniël McLaren given me a word of knowledge 8 August 2023 to go out sharing His Agape love to old people alone in old age homes. ✝️ Because i received a gift of Faith and a lot of Agape love to share..

  4. Dear Heavenly Abba Father, it is your love that makes me strong and my faith in your word.
    your words are true.
    For you are faithful and merciful.

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