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  1. Amen!Amen!Yes.no more delay and no more postponement.

    Yes, I choose to connect my beliefs with the substance that brings my beliefs to life.

    I made a contribution. Stop dwelling on obstacles and let me immerse myself in your presence. Drink deeply of the Holy Spirit and fill my thoughts with your promises.

    We no longer talk ourselves into breaking My Father’s promises. It’s a new day, and I’m rejoicing and fearless.

  2. yes! I stand by the choices you lead me to make.
    Don’t give up, don’t compromise, don’t back down
    And submit to the decision of the great heart of Christ
    Competence is the means to gain victory and rise in confidence.
    No compromises, no second-guessing.
    I believe in the bulldog that is your soul
    Till the devil gives up in howls of defeat

    So I take the risk expecting the blessing and grace of the hand of Jesus Christ.

  3. Lord have mercy on me,

    Yes Lord, I align my will with Yours,

    Thank you Heavenly Father for redeeming my time.

    Yes, the time has come I need to leave and go

    to what God wants me to do by faith of GOD.
    Romans 10:17 says, “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” We access God’s faith through His Word. When we hear God’s Word, the Holy Spirit empowers it, and if we receive the truth, God’s supernatural faith enters us.

    • 是的!我坚守你引导我做出的选择。


  4. hi brother from Australia Victoria.city it is December the birth of our king god and Lord I’m very grateful and thankful for all the positive and true word’s from the most high I give yous my blessings to your family my name is stavros thank you for your prayers and I’m praying to our daddy give yous good health and all I give yous my regards keep the good work

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