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The Gathering of Champions — 4 Comments

  1. Joshua took his SHOE OFF AS as he was on holy ground.
    WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS as the Queen song says. Your persecuters will stumble and fall.
    I receive that.
    Praise the I AM.

  2. Amen, this word & this song are so encouraging.
    I have just woken up, I had a disturbing dream that my daughter was a child ( she’s actually 31) she was missing & it was getting dusk , I went out to search for her, I was calling her name, distraught.
    I woke up. I have taken this to the Lord in prayer.
    In reality my daughter is walking a path of destruction, and turned away from God, I believe He is calling her back. I then read this message & song,&found it so timely.
    May God bless you Sister.

  3. The final string is being pulled that causes this whole demonic-inspired mess to come tumbling down, you may see this as the end but it is only the beginning of God s new era of goodness. This will be marked by a notable day where everyone says THIS WAS GOD, no more lying tongues saying how the earth got here no more lying tongues telling us IF there is a God He in angry and has left us to be the devil’s abuse, Jesus the Son of God rescued us from the plight more than 2000 years ago, Jesus suffered death for us all, Jesus knows what it means to be in human flesh all it weaknesses and all frailty Jesus understands mankind so when you go to use your atm card and it does not work and the bank is closed remember this is good the atomic awakening is here change has come and it’s good

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