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  1. Brother Chris I always look forward to your posts! I always feel like I’m sitting across the kitchen table chatting with my long time friend. What you share and how you share it is so filled with wisdom, kindness, insight and lots of revelation. This post has me smiling because a few of my friends and I are literally waiting for this tremendous outpouring of Holy Spirit and being transported where we’d like to go!! I would love to just appear in Wales and have a cup of tea with you and your wife! Lol! May you continually be filled so you can continue to pour out! Vicki from Kingman Arizona, USA

  2. Isn’t our God Amazing?! Inspired by your vast years of prophetic experiences man of God. The ‘Seer’ gift you speak of is unique and critical in these times. Visions, insight, foresight by the Glory! If i may share a jot sir…

    In this Kingdom Age we’ll see, ‘non-systematic’ characteristics in prophetic discourse. Truths not necessarily arranged in a progressive chain of thought or chronological events, but fragments of revelation w/complex methods to interpret if needed. Yes, sound theology is nourished by proper hermeneutics. It’s possible to have correct hermeneutical principals that fail in interpreting the prophetic word, for lack of spiritual union with THE Hermeneutician Jesus!

    This literal method of interpreting the prophetic brings understanding to what God said (historical) rather than what God is saying now (Rhema) word. It contends to one intending meaning of a passage, rather than the manifold wisdom of God.

    Revelation = imparted truth which could not be discovered by natural reasoning.

    Inspiration = describes the process by which the revelation was recorded.

    Illumination = the perception of truth brought about by the influence of the Holy Spirit.

    The Remnant moves in Revelation – Inspiration and Illumination. 1Cor. 2:7-16

    The Glory!!

  3. Love this word and I do believe it. I especially wait for this..My Glory brings satisfaction to every longing of your hearts. I’ve always said..” I will be fully satisfied when I see Him.”
    Kindest Regards and Blessings!

  4. Brother Chris,

    I always smile when I hear of the Lord speaking to one of his own (Luke your post above) about endtime ‘the Supernatural glory transports’. Talk about traveling light!

    No long lines in airport security, no pre-boarding waits, no delayed flights, no international I.D and passports. Oi Vey – sign me up. I’m so ready for a re-make of the movie “Philip goes to the Ethiopian Eunuch’ – part 2. How ’bout you. – Shalom
    On and on it goes

    • Thanks for your very encouraging comments. I’ve actually witnessed ‘Philip Airlines’ in operation – twice! Once in Spain where a young man was stranded 70km away when the meeting started. We called him in – and through the door he walked! Car in the car park too! The other time, my mentor set out on a forty minute drive to a meeting due to start in 10 minutes. Once again – through the door he walked, car outside too!
      Amazing method of transport that God uses!!!
      By the way – I’m ready for it today too

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