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Watch! For May is a Marked Month! — 14 Comments

    • South Africa: during month of April, kept seeing a raft on a calm sea night of 30/04/2024 while praying and worshipping God. 1st May is workers day. Felt necessary to do spiritual warfare / confessions/ communium

      • I heard Abba Father said that in May we had to take territory back for His Kingdom. So thankful Abba Father bless your ministry.

  1. On the morning of April 26 here in Canada, Pacific coast, I heard first thing:
    A reckoning is starting in Ireland.
    Not sure if that has any significance but I never think of Ireland. It seemed important.

  2. Tonight I recalled when I was a child that May 1 was called May day. I just looked it up online. it mentioned the Celts of the British aisle believed it was the most important day of the year and there’s some dark beliefs there. I probably had not thought about that for 65 or more years. Just felt to mention it. Will be praying.

  3. Amen and AMEN!!! I agree The Lord will lift up the standard. It’s already set, and the gates of hell will not prevail against the church, the Body of the Anointed One. Let the declaration go forth we will stand as One United Body! Let the River Rise.and the deluge of God’s Holy Sprit Awakening continue to sweep the globe and the reckoning of His mankind salvation be made ready!

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