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The God of Miracles — 4 Comments

  1. Good Afternoon Thomas,
    Thank you for sharing your testimony.
    I believe it’s not by chance that finally came through to your post.
    Very timely and reaffirmed the very words and scriptures revealed to through this year.
    Continue to open to leading and ministry upon your life. Bless. Samantha

  2. Thank you Father for your amazing power to heal the eyes of Thomas. I too have been healed in my left eye so I understand how thankful you feel. I am thankful everyday to serve our amazing God. Praise God & His son Yahshua ️ hallelujah amen

  3. Thank you for sharing this testimony with us, it’s indeed a miracle that God has done for you. All praise be unto God the everlasting Abba. LORD God I wait on you for my own miracle in His name Yahushua ha’mashiach Amein.

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