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  1. Great read man of God! Love-Faith are the 2 book-ends of the fruit of the Spirit. We can’t have one w/out the other. Gal.5:6 – The Church will most definitely have varied 1st Century to 21Century transitional models” as systems pass and the progression of the prophetic propels, in and through the living organism Ekklesia The Body of Christ – organized to release and function as priests and kings. And we will know – Isaiah 43:18,19 Dan. 11:32b

    Also man of God, agree losing the understanding of the 5 fold servant gifts as “Church system” offices is critical in this “shift” as we peer through lens of leadership and ‘seeing’ the manifold wisdom of God – utilizes gifts given in the “passing” systems in pursuit of the prophetic system/s operating, as in the life of Daniel the prophet and Chief of Staff. Dan. 2:48

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