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The Harvest is Coming! — 5 Comments

  1. This is for me. Totally for me. Thank you Lord for restoration and reconciliation and for God turning this thing around for HIS glory!

  2. This is a good comfort, but PLEASE, listen, readers: When a brother or sister speaks / writes clear words and truth about religious reality, these messengers often get blamed as if they were sick or too emotional. Everyone mocks the other one for “obviously being ill”. Who really needs a doctor, are the most churches. But they are blind and deaf and deceived in their modern psycho-theology. And guess what: You’ll never find any of those modern preachers, men or women, having OIL in their bags, to anoint all their ‘sick’ members, as it is written in the Holy Bible.

    Pray together – without your psyhological theories in your heads – and anoint with oil !

    Cast demons out, and not the faithful believers !

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