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  1. I watch a prophet talking on this telportation ability. I must wanted it happened in times of got to be there asn when walking and in car so far they bend fabric of time and places to be near.I was his witness that cars went through my car also in car crash. Portal will open up and save others they said it happened in war times of hidden ones faith stories. Supernatural seasons. ACT 3:6 I have no silver or gold I GIVE YOU WHAT I HAVE MYSTERY REVEALED AS angels stired the waters.Blessings. All heaven blessings are in all as in beginning creation spoke it into being you.

  2. Funny, – these days I told my husband that in our age we would need „Philippus-Airlines“ to see all coming to pass that has been prophesied to us concerning an end-time ministry in the light of waning strength for all the tasks in and around our house and property………..!!
    Even driving longer distances stresses meanwhile!
    „Lord, show yourself strong on our behalf in these times………

  3. Bro. Chris,

    Now that’s one airline (Philip Air) that I wouldn’t mind flying on :)>. Lining up at the ticket counter queue…..Godspeed

  4. How exciting..HE is the same, yesterday, today and forever! Great stories, Chris. Thanks for sharing, Sandi

  5. Thank you for letting the Holy Spirit guide you to share this. What you have shared is going to become the norm,halleluia.

  6. I believe the greater works Jesus spoke of was there would come a time when someone would stand up and really believe God was going to save everyone and the church as a whole would not hate them for believing such a thing. Jesus said if I be lifted up form the earth I will draw all men to myself. I truly believe he meant what he said. All is all. Every knee will bow and confess Jesus Christ is lord to the glory of God. If you really believe these verses to be true just as written most people who say they are following Jesus Christ will condemn you and shut you out of their company. Very soon all will see these verses are true as written and the few on the outside will be called to lead those on the wide road. Some things to think about the time is past short.

  7. Dio darà poteri soprannaturali per gli incarichi straordinari degli ultimi tempi. Dio è onnipotente e non ha limiti!

    [ HKP : “God will give supernatural powers for the extraordinary tasks of the end times.  God is omnipotent and has no limits!” ]

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