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The Highest Calling — 2 Comments

  1. Sherry this I feel is so much our Fathers heart and rings out in truth and in spirit.
    You spoke: “The LORD, The Creator of the universe, has called us to Him as our first Ministry…”
    Amen and amen as we can get so blinded about ministry and who is who.

    we are to simply sit at Jesus feet first and foremost! All is vain, otherwise.
    Jesus has the words of eternal life and if we lose focus, it is so sad.

    No wonder in Rev. 2 to the Church of Ephesus, Jesus told them to repent. They had left there first love. It sure holds true today.

    Thank you so much for all you shared. Beautiful.

  2. I know it is all about Him and I love Him so much. But it also confused me. I have grown up as the oldest child of a narcist mother and I was never acknowledged in my existence. Nor were my boundaries ever respected. I always had to give. But thank God I always rebelled. In March the Lord has given me a new name, a new identity. And I told Him, my whole life it has never been about me. But me being there for somebody else, I was never allowed to be. Now I have a new name and identity and again it is not about me. How can I be if it is never about me? Who am I then? I could never receive love or anything else, without the feeling of having to do something in return. But now the Lord shows me how much He loves me and how precious I am to Him. For the first time I can receive and I enjoy every second of His love. He told me that for me to be able to receive the blessings and His Spirit and Love, I must be able to receive.

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