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Continuing on to Study the 7 Churches in Revelation — 13 Comments

    • Sunie, You can see in Rev. 1:4 it is talking about the ‘Seven churches’ in Asia.
      I believe out of the seven churches one of the churches will represent us.
      God bless you as hopefully you will read and study with us.

  1. Dear Mama Joyce!

    I can FEEL this PRECIOUS FOCUS as very specific strategy
    for OVERCOMING in this HOUR!

    This is what has been APPOINTED to HIS REMNANT BRIDE!!!

    “Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which The LORD hath promised to them that love him.” James 1:1

    ~through allowing our lives to be a FAITHFUL STEADFAST WITNESS to the TRUTH
    of the Presence and constancy of the Spirit, the care and provision of Father, and JESUS as LIVING WORD! OUR LORD- FAITHFUL AND TRUE!
    (Will He find FAITH in us when He returns?)

    ~Daily and moment by moment will we CHOOSE a heart of humility and repentance …that our thoughts, words, actions and very motivation of our hearts would be conformed to His image! THEREIN LIES THE POWER of an OVERCOMING LIFE!

    **Thank you for all of these wonderful scripture references in one place!
    I really appreciate how you are so faithful to the “specific way” that He leads you…wanting to be so careful to follow each step the way that you sense He is asking of you!


    • Yes, Shelley. I believe our key is in ‘obedience’ and to go step by step as He directs us! I have some spirit led revelation, I believe that I’m getting even through last night but I must wait on the Lord.
      One is ariel view vision of the ark of the covenant.
      Not the first time I saw it in an ariel view from heaven, but not like this!
      If we wait on the Lord He will reveal in His timing!
      Your heart really touches me and all you glean and add to!! Thank you so much. Love you.

  2. My concordance shows that the word “overcome” and its variants -“overcame” and “overcometh” – occur 13 times in the book of Revelation out of the 24 times they appear in the whole of the New Testament.  It is clearly a key word for this book.

    The word “overcome” in NT Greek is “nikao”.  It is interesting that the word “Nicolaitanes”, whose deeds the Lord hates [Revelation 2:6], consists of this same word plus “laos”, meaning the “people”. Thus, the Nicolaitans could mean those who overcome the people.  [There have been various views regarding what the Nicolaitanes actually did and taught, for which I believe we really need fresh and direct revelation.]

    Thus, the book of Revelation reveals that Christians will face an intense warfare over their souls, such that they either will be overcome or be overcomers. This calls for an enduring faith, that is, a faithfulness to the very end.

    • Thank you Mark Roberts for the way that you investigate the matter at hand, and your discerning reply.
      Very sobering…It bears witness with my spirit.

      • Thank you, Shelley.  I was glad that your own comment, posted almost simultaneously, makes a parallel point about endurance through a trial.  You rightly also mention humility and repentance. I think each of us needs the humility to know we can be deceived.  We can only be delivered from deception by the Lord’s intervening grace, since, by definition, the deceived cannot know that they have been deceived, but we can be assured that He gives grace to the humble.

    • Mark as always I look forward to your replies also. There is quite a balance with what you comment on and Shelley. You talking about overcoming, that was very interesting!
      Also, interesting you were talking about the Nicholaitans as that has been on my heart to study out too.
      It is important or it would not come out how the Lord hates their deeds.
      Your last paragraph grabbed me! I so want to be an overcomer, faithful till the very end! Believe that is our hearts on here to search out and hear what Father is saying.
      Gods richest blessings

      • Mark as I read your comment about deception I had to comment.

        You are so right and that is why we have to be so careful in all things, even what we receive from others. You are full of wisdom I feel.

        As I awake every morn by His grace, my heart is to first humble myself and ask the Lord to help me. We must repent daily and ask for the light of the Holy Spirit to shine in us. We can’t allow any junk to get or stay in us.

        It must be uprooted. Jesus Christ is the Light and in Him is NO darkness, as you so well know my dear brother.

        Our five senses in the spiritual have to operate. The discernment will get sharper and clearer as we rely totally on the Lord not to be deceived.

        Obedience I believe again is key in all matters.

        • Joyce, I thank you for your postings, which are very important, and also for your replies to the comments, which create a sense of fellowship which we all need. 

          Obedience is, of course, key, but it can be costly.  For this reason, I believe we all need to pray for such an over-riding love for the truth that we would always be willing to bear this cost.  I have in mind that part of 2 Thessalonians 2:10 which says people will be deceived, ” .. because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.” This love for truth is so important today where the spirit of the age – inside the church as well as outside – is for people to believe what they want to believe.

          • Well stated, Mark. I agree. Thinking here why some people love the darkness and don’t have that love for truth.

            They dont want their sin showed up or corrected!

            If they dont want to change they don’t want to see the light on any given matter, therfore they buy the lie that it is just not that bad!

            Then deception can get deeper and all the time the Lord is longing to set mankind free. 

            When they see the true light of the gospel they are reproved and it will bring about a ‘decision’.

            People will either stay where they are or choose to do the difficult thing and let the Spirit of truth repprove and correct us.
            Still the choice is so much better to walk in freedom.

            Still you said a mouthful, obedience can be costly. Thank you.

          • Agree Agree. Mark Roberts.
            This communion of fellowship as we partake of the Word shared together is a precious gift Mama Joyce,
            availed by your shepherding heart…
            “Obedience and Love”…
            When I first came into the Kingdom …the Holy Spirit gave me a song of my dear Nana’s,
            “Trust and Obey” for there’s no other way…to be happy in Jesus, but to Trust and Obey…”
            And to obey His “law of Love” is our highest calling…as per (2 Peter 1:5-7)
            2 Peter 1:8
            Since these virtues are already planted deep within, and you possess them in abundant supply, they will keep you from being inactive or fruitless in your pursuit of knowing Jesus Christ more intimately.

            • Love that song, “Trust and Obey”. It is so true. Know you were responding to Mark, but just piping in here Shelley. Love you.

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