The Holy Spirit of Promise


We were to receive power, after that the Holy Ghost came upon us. 

For so many of us, throughout our earliest beginnings and in our forming years, we were told that a promise had been made, a long time ago.

We children heard it preached and taught by our elders and it was part of our heritage in Christ.

He told His people, that He had to go away, but He would not leave them without comfort.  It really must have hurt a lot to realize He was leaving them.

This promise, was to their children, their children’s children and all the way down the line to us and our time.

It was also clearly understood, that all of that same power they were to receive and did receive, was coming upon us also.  And, it did.

We are a cloud of witnesses; first-hand observers.  We didn’t have all the truth; no one does.  To have all of the truth would mean that we have all of the Holy Spirit; for He is Truth, and no man has that.

But such awesome power and the genuine demonstration of the Holy Ghost we saw and felt.  To watch and feel the Holy Ghost move; well, I can’t even tell it.

It’s no wonder, so many of us cannot, and never will, see how having anything less could possibly be present.

Not in any of our lives, and for sure not in any kind of church service.  Just what are we supposed to see when we go to church?

Some of us are older; let’s just say it.  We’ve been around a good while now; we’ve seen, heard and felt a lot of things.

These words are being spoken more and more by those who are opening up themselves to what the Spirit is saying to the church in this hour.

You, are going to have to begin to speak up.  There is an unknown multitude who do not have the Holy Ghost even now; they deserve to hear from the “old account.”

The Holy Ghost was supposed to lead and guide; what did we think would happen, when He was not allowed to do so.

Who was it, that blocked the flow of the Spirit.  On who’s authority, were we denied the full revelation of what we were promised.

I pray for the LORD to help me here.  The apostle already wrote then about too many who had never matured spiritually.

I will be one to say that none of us thought any of ours, would be part of that group.  Who was it and who is it, that yet attempts to with-hold from us, the deeper things of the Spirit.

That’s not all there is for us; it couldn’t be.  He paid too great a price!

The Holy Ghost saw through all of the roadblocks; and because of the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ, He even worked around a lot of them.

Can you imagine that the Holy Ghost would have to work around some of us, to get to the people He was trying to reach and do the work He wanted to do?

Greater visitations in the realm of the Spirit; one-on-one encounters with God and ministering from His holy angels, to include audible conversations and a real voice you can hear.

Jesus said, “My sheep know My voice….”  How do they know His voice?  Because they can hear it.  That’s why they have an ear.

There’s so much talk about going to the next level.  Are we so sure that we have done all the work we could on the level we are already on.

I have no desire to tear down or criticize any ones faith or understanding; that does more harm than good.

But for me, and I know without question for a multitude of others also, there is a much higher place in God, in the Spirit, than what we are seeing in what is called worship and praise today.  They don’t even know that God has clearly moved on.

I was promised things beyond my fathom; and when I came to my senses, I refused to have anything less.

They told us to seek spiritual gifts; it was written in the scriptures.  We didn’t know any better than to believe it and do so; we were so hungry for everything the Holy Ghost would give us.

We wept for it; fasted, prayed and agonized for it.  And let me share my heart; we got it.  And nothing or no one could stop it.

There is a number without number, that the Holy Ghost has been hiding and teaching all this time, and continues to do so.  The Holy Spirit of Promise gave His word; and He is not finished.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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The Holy Spirit of Promise — 1 Comment

  1. John 16:13. Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, HE WILL GUIDE YOU INtO ALL TRUTH: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.