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  1. I believe it’s possible the Lord said to build in a desert. However could it be not the literal desert but desert of the heart?

    A desert can be described as a dry barren area of land especially one covered with sand that is characteristically desolate, waterless and without vegetation.

    Could it mean the Lord wants you to help others clear everything in their hearts till it’s back to dust so he can build in truth? For I believe calamity will indeed come, however the condition of ones heart will determine the survival of that person during the times of trial.

    I say this because when the Lord gives instructions to do anything, He will by himself provide. He will raise the help required himself. Think in line of when Solomon had to build the house of the Lord. God himself anointed those who will make it possible. I believe If this is what he wants, then, He will send all required help before you ask for it. He knows what you need before you even so for it.

    The King is a good and compassionate Father and will not instruct without making a way…easily.. for the job to be done.

    My thoughts.. Remain blessed

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