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It’s been a reality for some of us who have been around awhile, that we read certain things, heard it read by others, and yet, we didn’t really hear it either.  Or, we did not hear all of it; even though our writer said it was spoken very clearly.  I think that one of the reasons this happened, was a true lack of teaching; not being encouraged to listen to the Spirit’s voice for ourselves and to search things out, without someone else having to tell us to do it.

There were some things that were going to happen, in the latter times; the Holy Ghost said so.  There was a time we believed it; at least the part we understood; we didn’t plumb the true depth of it.  It was precisely stated, that in these latter times, these latter days, that some, were going to depart from the faith.  It doesn’t take a lot of reasoning, to see that, you couldn’t depart from the faith, if you were never in it to begin with.  In other words, they once had it.

What was the Spirit saying, that these people were going to do; how were they going to act. Giving heed to seducing spirits.  Our limited interpretations had us to thinking this was mostly about the seductive sexual spirits.  It includes that; but it is also much more about listening to spirits that draw us, woo us and entice us away from what our faith is really supposed to be.  This also included giving heed to doctrines of devils; we went no further with that.  We can all speak out real quick about what we think that means now.

I admit, I do not know so much.  One reason we don’t fully know this, is because most of us do not even know what the doctrine of Jesus Christ was; and is.  Jesus had a doctrine he taught; He said He did.  It would seem, that the devils would be teaching the exact opposite of what Jesus taught; and they are.  These who were once in the faith, are now speaking lies, in hypocrisy.  They were full of the Holy Ghost, but now they are not.  They once followed the leading of the Spirit precisely, now they don’t.  You can’t even reach them; they do not hear you; consumed, with being right.

If you tell yourself something long enough, you will begin to believe it.  Even if it is not real, or valid, it will become so to us.  A serious burn to our skin, might mostly heal, but that place, will not have the same sensitivity or feeling it once did.  Your conscience, does not bother you anymore; one source, says it’s literally been cauterized.  They don’t have what they had before; and it no longer bothers them.  They’ve left the doctrine of Jesus Christ, and they no longer see it, or even care.  They finally, believe themselves.

Delusion, is delusion.  When it truly comes, we’ve likely already crossed a line; and don’t know it.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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