The Father Says Today – August 2015

Republished with the kind permission of Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden of Father’s Heart Ministry. SUBSCRIBE to: ”The Father Says Today.”


August 31; 2015:   The Father says today that all riches have their origin in My wisdom.  Wisdom is not just what I have – wisdom is who I AM.  I AM your wisdom.  Solomon said “money answers all things and wisdom answers all things – but the excellency of knowledge is that WISDOM gives life to those that find it…”  My wisdom is the spiritual medium of exchange for My substance and your provision.  My wisdom brings My provision.  Receive that life.  Receive that substance.  Breathe it in and give it room on the inside of you.  Will you think with My thoughts or the limited, sense-knowledge thoughts of man?  Reject lack.  Reject sickness, sorrow, limitation, grief – for I suffered all those things on the cross that you might walk as a king in the earth.

Stand up today to ruling and reigning.  Ruling and reigning begins now.  Enter now into the mentality of rule that is rooted not in false confidence but in what I did for you on the cross of Calvary.  I AM not calling you to the false bravado of whistling through the graveyard.  I am calling you to walk now in the resurrection and life that I AM to you now.  Can you take now for an answer?  Now is where you will find what you hoped I would do for you then.  I am the God of the now and it is the grace of NOW that I am pouring into your life.  This is the patience of the saints – to choose now to experience all that I have accorded you in the death, burial and resurrection.  Receive this day from My hand says the Father.  Receive and be transformed into My image and likeness.

August 30, 2015:   The Father says today find the kingdom that I have placed within you.  The kingdom within you is the Father within you.  Come under My influence today even the influence of My voice.  I AM speaking and making Myself known to you.  I AM the voice that speaks in the silence between your own thoughts.  I AM in you and you are in Me and we are one together.  That is what the cross paid for.  We are one.  As I AM so you are upon the earth.  I AM not sick.  I AM not impoverished.  Therefore I AM your provisioning and the health of your countenance.  Believest thou this?  Receive it as your truth says the Father, and allow who I AM on the inside of you to be your bread and your life for this day.

I will not be denied says the Father, therefore you will not be denied.  I will not be delayed, therefore you will not be delayed.  Do you realize says the Father, that time can no more deny you than it can deny Me?  I have taken of heaven’s best and given it unto you in the person of My son.  What else would I possibly deny you?  Come now says the Father, and think with My mind and not the mind of religious limitation.  I AM not limited and therefore in Me there is no limitation.  You are in Me are you not?  Settle it now – am I in you and you in Me?  Then where is poverty?  Where is lack?  Where is delay?  Where is denial?  Enter into this basic truth says the Father and all things will be added to you that pertain unto life and Godliness.

August 29, 2015:   The Father says today I know what you have need of – stop worrying. Agree this day to give up worrying and enter into a new place of progress I have set aside for you.  I AM your Way, your Truth, your Life.  This is a new day says the Father.  The strings and pulleys of manipulation and desperation will no longer work.  You are going to have to run to Me.  Hurl yourself over the precipice of faith and into My everlasting arms.  I have accorded you the resource of My Person and from WHO I AM every wall will be brought down and every deficit met and exceeded.  Stop worrying says the Father.  Stop fretting. Fret not – ONLY BELIEVE this is your time.

There is SUPPLY in Me says the Father and because you are found in Me, then there is no lack.  Don’t be anxious for tomorrow – just unpack the resource of who I AM today.  When you are challenged and troubled, ask of Me “what does this mean” and “what must I do”.  I will answer you and show you mighty things that you know not of.  Stop trying to figure it out.  Your mind is not My mind.  My thoughts are higher than your thoughts.  Rest in Me today and see on the morrow the ships of provision anchored in the harbor of your need.  It’s who I AM and what I do and all of My energies are focused upon you now.

August 28; 2015:   The Father says today have the faith of an adventurer.  Fear not the unknown – embrace the unknown for beyond the familiar I await to take you higher, further and deeper in My purposes.  There are those around you that will mutiny and say you are making a mistake but you are not making a mistake.  I have already caused you to go in the way that you should go.  Your life is being guided by My hand even when you are unsure about the future and not confident in the outcome ahead for you.  I didn’t call you to put your faith in an outcome but to put faith in Me.  As Abraham received Isaac back by faith from gray ashes know that no matter how great the challenge I have certified your place of blessing, provision and victory.  Trust Me says the Father and step out.

You are moving into a new hemisphere of favor and blessing.  Stop trying to believe and just believe.  Get your eyes off of yourself and others.  You aren’t smart enough or strong enough but I AM.  Those people around you that you have put your trust in will fail you just when you need them most.  They are human.  They are fallible. Forgive them ahead of time.  Go ahead and forgive and change your mind about where you will put pressure when you feel you are falling. I will catch you.  I AM your hero.  I AM your deliverer and your strong tower.  Though you feel defeated, discredited, wholly deserted just hold fast to your trust in Me for I AM bringing you to a whole new geography of provisioning, favor and benefit by My hand.

August 27, 2015:   The Father says today fear not. Fear not the shaking visited upon the earth.  You are born of the kingdom that cannot be shaken.  Be not shaken says the Father and be not dismayed for I AM with you.  I AM with you and of My hand you will be provided and afforded every blessing from the throne of My majesty.  I AM overshadowing you with My majesty and My favor.  The ruling principle of your life cannot be determined by a piece of paper or the evil report of evil men when their evil plans are thwarted and stymied.  Your personal economy is the economy of My kingdom.  Your provisioning is not tied to the stock market, or the price of a barrel of oil or any other thing.  I set the value of your life and your blessing according to the economic indicators set in the heavens and not in the earth.

Yes a thousand might fall at your right hand and ten thousand at your left but do not be discouraged.  Do not flee to the false securities of man’s hand that will not protect or preserve you.  I AM your protection.  I AM your preservation.  Stop allowing the fear mongers to make merchandise of you.  What are you listening to?  Who are you listening to?  Come into the high and holy place here by Me and here by Me I will overshadow and nurture you till the storm is past and you are left standing and fully intact.  Trust in Me says the Father.  Lean not to your own understanding.  Stop trying to figure it out.  I AM your Deliverer.  I AM your Strength.  I AM the Rock that is Higher and you will in nothing be dismayed or defeated on a single score.

August 26; 2015:   The Father says today that I am activating in you the law of supply.  Even as I said in My word through the knowledge of Me, all things that pertain to life and godliness are made available.  There is nothing godly about poverty.  There is none of My purpose found in impoverishment or penury.  Out of your deep need I will cause the treasuries of My promise to be opened and you will see surplus and abundant supply where there has only been lack and disappointment.  Stretch out your tent stakes and lengthen your cords.  Do not allow past disappointment or bitter experience to measure the lengths to which I AM now prepared to move and pour out and reshape your life.

You will be supplied and you will be provisioned not only for yourself, but for others and even for generations that are to come.  You will leave an inheritance to those that come after you and they will look back on your faith and know the example of what it was to walk in newness of life and abundance of provision.  No more poverty says the Father for the yoke of poverty and the vow of impoverishment is broken over you this day.  You are a resource and not merely a recipient of the wealth of My kingdom.  Go out to rule and to reign where in times past you only felt helpless and ashamed.  I take away your shame says the Father and open to you the fullness of My kingdom to meet every need in your life.

August 25,. 2015:   The Father says today that you are an epistle written by My hand.  I have penned your days in My book and now I will cause you to be known and read of all men.  There have been seasons and times of hiddenness and obscurity but that is changing says the Father.  I AM announcing you and enunciating you as one who abides in the vine and gives forth in your season the vintages of My wisdom and My power.  Drink deeply says the Father for the husbandman must be first partaker.  You must be first partaker that I might pour out My oil and My wine on a dry and languishing humanity.  Partake to the full says the Father and be refreshed for I AM your strength and your joy.

The depths of My Spirit are calling says the Father.  Let the shoreline go.  Come out of the tide pools of shallow experience and know the fullness of My word come to pass in your life.  My promise will not fail.  They have said “where is the hope of His promise?” but know this; My word that I have accorded to you in the night seasons will not fail. My word will not fail because I AM the word and I AM not capable of failure.  Come into the Fail-safe place in Me for in Me is no failure and no downturn.  Trust in Me and rejoice.  Trust in Me and step out boldly to acquire of all that I have promised and all that you have dared to believe Me for.

August 24, 2015:   The Father says today declare to the earth and the earth will hear you. Speak to the heavens and they shall rain down.  The least of you is greater than Elijah and as the heavens obeyed Elijah and it rained not, so the heavens will hear the sound of My authority in your voice and they will respond.  That which was lost in the fall is restored in Christ.  You have a dominion in you bought by the shed blood of Calvary.  The elements will obey you for in Me you are their master.  The beasts of the field and the fowls of the air await the manifestation of the sons of God and you are destined to be of that company.  This is your day.  This is the coming out time for all those who have refused to be satisfied with the dry husks of religious death.

Stand up into your sonship says the Father.  Go forth as a bride and put off the grave clothes.  You are not a widow you are a bride – even My many membered bride.  I AM perfecting you and presenting you to Myself without spot and without wrinkle.  Yield up and be made clean.  Yield up and be cleansed and perfumed by the aroma of My presence. Make My presence your priority and the stench of the world and the stench of death will be removed from your garments.  I have prepared a place here by Me and I beckon you oh My beloved to come and know the full scope of all that I have stored up for you in this hour.

August 236, 2015:   The Father says today behold I make all things new.  The old experiences will no longer sustain you where I am taking you says the Father.  I AM writing a new book of fresh purpose and fresh oil even the oil of My Spirit being poured out upon the earth in a new way for a new day, even this day of which you are called and ordained to be a participator.  This is one move of My Spirit you will not merely press your nose against the glass beyond which My glory resonates.  This that I am doing is in a city and a community without walls and without boundaries.  Enter in says the Father. Find your place and find your placement for I AM not willing to do the things in the earth that I’m going to do without your participation.

I declare that there will be a delay no longer.  I will not be denied, and I will not be delayed.  Therefore you will not be denied and you will not be delayed.  Render up to Me due benevolence and I will pour out upon you full and unprecedented favor.  This is the year of favor and the year of the apostle.  That which was first lost in centuries past is the last to be restored. Look for the true apostles with the marks and signs of power and authority from My throne.  I AM tendering the glory of My presence into the earth in a new way and you are one who will be a beneficiary of the fresh oil that is being poured out in the earth even now.

August 22, 2015:   The Father says today your land will be called married and your land will be called “not barren”.  I AM marrying the generations and I am marrying the continents as I join together great companies of My intercessors and My prophets across geographical, national, and political boundaries.  I AM raising up a prophetic company of anointed and articulate warriors who will stand up and give testimony to Who I AM in the earth.  They will defy the territorial spirits that have kept My people divided.  They will defy the party spirits and sectarian attitudes that have hindered My people coming together as a unified whole to destroy the yoke of the enemy over nations and peoples.

You are one of those called out ones destined to join together in the company of saints that will enlarge the kingdom and engage principalities and powers for a great victory in the earth.  I AM preparing a net breaking catch says the Father.  Prepare your heart to hear the invitation to assist and participate in a move of My Spirit that cannot be contained in the worn-out wineskins of the present day.  Stand ready says the Father and prepare to be a laborer in this harvest and your reward will be great!

August 21, 2015:    The Father says today I AM opening your eyes and refining your vision.  I AM bringing an increase in the seer anointing in your life.  I will cause you to see with My eyes, even the eyes of My Spirit, those things that others overlook and have failed to notice.  You will see inwardly and yes, I say to you even open eye visions will begin to come on an accelerated schedule.  Say to your eyes “be opened and see”.  Know that the enemy will throw many distractions your way but determine to be a Father pleaser and focus only upon that which I bring across the field of your spiritual vision.

Even as I beheld Satan fall from heaven so you shall see the principalities and powers ranged against you cast down to earth in their wrath and in their failure.  You will be warned by the blind leaders of the blind not to say what you see.  But I say what you see in secret declare boldly and openly – even those things that are yet to come.  The Samuel anointing is upon you this day and I say to you not one of your words will fall to the ground.  You are part of a prophetic generation setting a new standard of accuracy and clarity in prophetic office and in prophetic gifting.  Be bold because you know Me, and be obedient because you love Me and stay teachable as I work a work in your day that has not been seen for many generations.

August 20, 2015:     The Father says today that I shifting the alignment in your life.  I AM shifting the alignment in your life for a deeper mentoring in the things of My Spirit.  Deep calls to deep says the Father and I AM compelling you in this season to come out into the trackless billows of My purposes to new territory.  This is the arena of My kingdom where your only frame of reference is Who I am in your life and not any other security.  Fear not says the Father, for those things that you have clung to for security no longer accommodate that which reflects My plan for you.  Hold everything loosely and step out boldly having confidence not in the flesh but in Who I AM in your life and what I promised to come to pass and that right quickly.

I have made to you exceeding great and precious promises that will be the yes and amen you partake of in this season.  I say to you not one of the good things I have promised will fail to become substance in your life as you listen to Me and refuse to be dissuaded, or discouraged in any way.  Be of good courage says the Father for I will never leave you and I will never forsake you.  Neither will I mislead you even as I taught you to pray that I would not lead you into temptation even so I will make clear the path ahead so you will know and not be dismayed at the changes I am working beginning this day.  Yes change is the banner being reared over your life and the angels assigned to you are working even now for an end result of highest hearts desire, and greatest dream fulfilled.

August 19, 2015:    The Father says today I love you, because I love you, because I love you.  I will never stop loving you.  Love is Who I am not just what I do.  To stop loving you I would have to stop being Who I AM and that isn’t going to happen.  So stop waiting for the disappointment and failure and difficulty that isn’t going to come.  Will you face challenges?  Surely you will.  Will there be set backs?  None that I will not show up in and show My hand mighty to save and My sinews strong to deliver.  Take heart says the Father.  Be encouraged.  Be of good courage for I have already caused you to go in the way that you should go.  You haven’t made a mistake – and if you did I would turn it to your favor.

Come deeper says the Father.  Abandon the shoreline of rationale and reason.  Let yourself free fall into My favor for I am the truth you are falling into.  You are falling into Me.  Into My glory you are falling – lost forever to the things of this world.  This is the beauty of holiness and the beauty of an abandoned life in pursuit of all I can and will be in those who seek first My kingdom in all things.  Find yourself in Me says the Father.  See yourself as I see you – blameless, without accusation before the foundation of the world.  Look into My glory and you will see yourself looking back at you as you were before the world began.  The outcome is assured. Relax.  Trust. Move forward.  This is your time and you will not be turned back.

August 18, 2015:    The Father says today leave the past behind.  The past is gone tomorrow is just ahead.  The past will not hold you.  I free you this day from the past.  There is no mark man can make upon you that the kiss of heaven will not eradicate as I renew and restore and enliven you with My glory.  Come unto Me says the Father – the King awaits.  Come to Me for all chains are being broken in your life, and newness of faith, character and potential is being visited upon you now.  This is your now season. Receive your now.  Embrace your now.  Let your now wash over you as the gift of heaven that cleanses away every limitation, every scar and every stigma of the past.

I call you beloved, and of My love and favor you are partaking this day.  Your chains are gone.  Your chains are broken.  Walk out. Walk away.  Take up your bed and come into My rest for I AM redefining what your personal freedom looks like.  See yourself reflected in My eyes that I turn upon you now.  You will never be the same.  Your tears are precious and every one of them are bottled in My treasuries.  From them I will pour out the perfume of My favor that removes shame and changes you and transforms you.  This is who I am and this is what I do.  Be a receiver of My love.  Receive My favor.  Don’t look back and don’t think twice for this is the beginning of a new beginning for you this day.

August 17, 2015:    The Father says today that your life is not lived out in the visible, your life is lived out in the invisible.  The things that are seen are changeable – they are ruled by the invisible things of My kingdom which is your native environment.  Come behind the veil says the Father for there is your natural habitat in Me.  You have no place in this world and the world has no place in you.  I have prepared a place for you here by Me.  I have passed into the heavens and prepared a place for you that where I AM you may also be.  So vacate into the I AM habitation of My throne.  This is not a place of visitation.  This is a place of habitation for you and all who will follow into the glory.

Can you believe and receive and know this is your moment?  Your escape is an escape into Who I am NOW not someday.  I AM your escape now, says the Father.  I AM your resurrection now.  You are not waiting upon death to take you.  Death is your enemy and My enemy.  Death will be put under your feet and the covenant with death shall be disannulled and you will live.  You will live and not die says the Father.  Your life is My life, and My life is reordering and restoring and restructuring even your physical body.  I AM your light and the health of your countenance.  Breathe in My presence and breathe out corruption, contamination and the folly of the grave.  I look upon you and say you are altogether lovely and this day I bring you to Myself in a new way that you might know Me as your YES, and your AMEN in every area of need you could possibly have.

August 16, 2015:   The Father says today come up higher My beloved.  The glory realm is the high place where everything is possible.  Come up into possibility.  Step up into the reality where I cause highest heart’s desire to spontaneously be fulfilled as you gaze into My face – in the face of love personified, exemplified and manifest upon you.  Come up higher.  Come and tabernacle with Me for I choose you.  I choose you says the Father . I dwell not in the houses made with hands – I choose you.  You are My when, My where and My how. Allow Me to be the same to you, oh My beloved.  I AM your when, no more waiting.  I AM your destination, there is no where you must go for I AM here and I AM now.  I AM your how, there is no secret process or performance that must be rendered.

The gate of “All things are Possible” is opening to you this day.  Walk out.  Walk out of limitation.  Walk out of lack. Walk out of sickness.  This is where all things are possible, here, now, this is your time for I am the God of time.  You are not the victim of happenstance.  You are not subject to causality or the influence of man.  This is your “kingdom come” time.  This is My will be done time.  Enter the glory.  Enter the glory by attenuating your heart to trembling of the door posts of My throne room.  See the smoke of My presence enfolding you and changing you and causing you this day to become and to be known as you are known in My glory.

August 15, 2015:   The Father says today your spirit is limitless because My limitless Spirit dwells within you.  I am all present, and all powerful, and all knowing.  I will not dwell in limitation therefore I accord to you in your human spirit as My habitation the attributes that cause Me to be that which you know Me to be.  As Jesus declared think it not robbery to be equal yet as beloved sons I invite you to pour out your life in service as He poured out His life on Calvary.  The depth of your service is the measurement of your sonship says the Father.  I call you sons and I call you daughters.  I call you My beloved.  I call you an entitled one.  I will not withhold any of that which you have cried out to Me for because My response to you is found in the yea and in the amen of My positive promises over your life.

No more wondering whether I will answer the cry of your heart.  The cross is your answer. Look and live.  Look to the cross and you will understand the throne.  Look to the throne and you will understand Who I am on the inside of you – a fire from My loins up and a fire from My loins down – producing in you the creative miracles that transform your life even now.  So stretch your mind to accommodate My thoughts and realize just how infinite My potential is within you and how boundless I have caused you to be.  Breathe out all the old thoughts of sickness, discouragement, failure, worry or fear.  Breath in the full understanding of health and strength and joy and victory.  Practice looking forward, always looking forward to those better things that I have laid up in store for you because you have called upon My name and have put your faith in Me.

August 14, 2015:   The Father says today receive of My goodness.  The doom and gloomers are pronouncing judgment, but always upon SOMEONE ELSE, overlooking their own disqualification!  If I AM to judge and make war upon the earth says the Father, tell Me what was the purpose of the cross?  2,000 years ago all the world stood poised on the brink of destruction and yet, I chose in that moment to send the Only Begotten.  What part of “I am a GOOD GOD” is not getting through to those with shrill, condemnatory, religious mentalities?  I AM a GOOD GOD and My GOODNESS is being shed abroad upon the earth.  I AM a GOOD GOD and there is no beginning or end to My goodness says the Father.  I AM good in the Alpha and I AM good in the Omega.  I AM First good and I AM Last good and it is from My goodness that I am showering you with My favor this day.

So be not dismayed nor discouraged by the evil reports tendered by those who claim to speak for Me.  If I was who they say I AM, all the cosmos would be vaporized into nonexistence in a moment of time.  Hear Me now says the Father:

They’ve got Me all wrong.

To the law, and to the testimony, and to the cross that you might see, and that you might know that My linear purpose through time is for the intention of bringing about My goodness, My loving kindness, and My favor upon an undeserving world.  They shall see Me, and they shall be like Me for they shall see Me as I am.  So adopt this day the I AM mentality and all those things in your life that call for judgment and punishment will evaporate under the influence of My presence as I bring you into My image.

August 13, 2015:   The Father says today that your war is a war of words.  The war of the kingdom and the strongholds that must be pulled down are the strongholds of mocking words against My promises in your life.  Your war is waged by wielding My word against the word of the enemy.  The word of the enemy is a word of death backed up by sense knowledge experience.  My word is a word of life backed up by the shed blood of Calvary.  Take up the sword of My word this day and wield it by your faith against every contradiction to My promises in your life.  The weapons of your warfare are not natural and the intensity of your warfare is not measured in the decibels of your shouting or shrill, insistent declarations.

One who speaks with authority need not raise their voice for the power of what is said is backed by Who I am and what I have promised in your life.  So this day come into the quiet confidence that you are the entitled and beloved child of the Creator of the universe.  As you come into agreement with Me says the Father so I shall bring your circumstances into agreement with My promise.  Speak to the elements.  As I spoke to the fig tree and it withered, so speak to the negative and the contrary and the contradictions to My promise in your life.  That which the enemy has planted will whither and be removed and that which I promised will take root and produce fruit unto life everlasting.

August 12, 2015:   The Father says today cast down vain imagination for you are not a child of vanity – you are a child of My throne.  I call you My beloved and I call you an Entitled One.  Your entitlement is not conditioned upon religious performance or moral excellence.  Yes you have failed and fallen and you will fail again but My mercies will be sure in your life.  Those who moralize and pontificate, boasting of the caliber of their good character, have gouged out their eyes with the hot pokers of religious blindness.  See yourself as I see you and come without recrimination into My presence and you will be forever changed – not by the striving of religious idiocy but by the transformation that comes as I show you My glory and cause you to inherit My image in fullness in the earth.

Be stamped with My image says the Father.  Go out in your day and be an imitator of your Father.  Go out in your day as a demon master, a water walker, as one who faces the impossible and produces the plausible not by the strivings of man but by your un-swerving faith in Who I AM in your life.  Do you trust Me says the Father?  Then let Me take it from here.  I AM the hero.  The battle is mine.  The foe is vanquished.  You are blameless and nothing stands between you and the full outpouring of My manifest substance in your life to change, shape, save, heal and deliver!

August 11, 2015:   The Father says today I set before you a transformational vortex that turns ashes into beauty, water into wine and brings forth life where there has been nothing but death and the expectation of loss.  This is your time says the Father.  You are moving now into the fullness of time in your personal timeline recorded in heaven in the archives of glory.  This day the books of a new chapter are being opened and the old things are passing away never to be revisited again.  Forgive, release, bless and move on for I’m bringing you out of the containment of things as they were into a new season of an open heaven in a greater glory than you have experienced heretofore.

The weightiness of My presence rests upon you now.  The full measure of My favor will be seen and experienced.  You will not just hear the report, you will taste and see of My glory and the powers of the world to come.  No longer will you look to eons ago for signs and wonders – for I will give you a contemporary and a current experience of My fullness that cannot be measured by things that have gone on before.  I will be known of you and I will send out the depths of I AM THAT I AM in your life until there is nothing of the natural man that remains – only the God man reflecting My image will be seen in your land as My testimony shines forth from your life without measure says the Father.

August 10, 2015:   The Father says today you were not born of random chance.  Your birth, and the timing of your birth is not the result of some random, biological process.  You were not simply conceived, you were formed and fashioned by My hand before the foundation of the earth was laid.  Did Job not see the sons of God sing for joy before the foundation of the world?  Before Adam ever drew his first breath I declared you holy and without blame before Me in love.  This is My judgment and it will not be overthrown by any circumstance or the opinions of men or the outcome of any situation in your life.

Know this says the Father, that you come behind in no gift.  There is nothing lacking that shall not be provided and nothing provided that will fall short of bringing the answer that you’ve cried out to Me for.  There is no need to shout for I am not hard of hearing.  Save your shout for the destruction of the wicked.  Save your shout for the celebration that will surely come.  Yes go ahead and dance in advance for I will never leave you, and I will never forsake you, or leave you destitute without answers nor imprisoned by the enemy’s lies.

August 9, 2015:   The Father says today that My default answer toward you is yes.  Before you open your mouth to speak, My yes has been released from the throne.  Come to Me presumptively says the Father.  I challenge you to presume upon My love.  He that comes to Me must believe that I AM and that I AM the rewarder of those that diligently seek Me.  You have sought Me says the Father, and you have sought Me, and you have sought Me yet again, and I declare to you this day that I will be found of you and you will not go away empty-handed.

Seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.  Ask and I will answer with a provisioning that is more than you can ask or think or contain.  I AM not a man that I should lie, nor the son of man that I should repent.  As I said in My word you will not beg bread or be rejected from My benevolence in your behalf.  You will not be forsaken says the Father, rather you will be provisioned as you listen to My voice, respond to My directives, and place My kingdom first above all things.

August 8, 2015:   The Father says today there is nothing average about what I have called you to.  Have you ever wondered why I required Jesus to linger for three decades before paying the price of Calvary?  The earth walk of the Son was necessary to model for you what human normalcy was intended to demonstrate.  The works that I have done in the earth shall you do and even greater works shall you do.  Do you believe this?  Is this not the testimony of My gospel?  Say of your soul “as He is so am I in the earth”.  Say of your soul “as I have borne the image of the earthly – so now I bear the image of the heavenly”!  This is who you are and Who I AM on the inside of you each and every day of your earthly sojourn.

You are going to stumble into a challenge. It will catch you unawares but it will not catch Me unawares.  Be prepared to open your mouth boldly and speak the words that I place on your tongue.  I will be strength to your spine and the boldness on your countenance.  You will not be moved and the enemy – so resolute in his purpose will be put to flight even as I said in My word “resist the devil and he will flee from you”.  This is your authority says the Father, and it is not based upon religious performance but rather it is based upon the sure mercies of David poured out upon your life in the liquidity of the blood of Christ shed for your justification, your redemption, and your empowerment in every situation.

August 7, 2015:    The Father says today with every window of vision I include a door of breakthrough.  I have shown you and shown you repeatedly a vision of higher things and greater blessings and you have wondered at times if it was a mere fantasy.  My plans for you are so positive and so beyond the pale of your experience that they beggar description.  You cannot plan bigger than I plan.  You cannot conceive of a greater blessing then I AM prepared to pour out upon you. In your greatest flight of fancy you have yet to measure the depth of My favor, the breadth of My love and the resoluteness of My determination to bring about every good thing in your life that I have promised in My word.

Enter this day into the work and enter into My rest, even the rest of God.  For you see says the Father, that My rest is not inactivity.  Even as you enter into My rest know this, that My word that proceeds forth out of your lips is always out there working.  Your human spirit where My spirit makes its habitation never sleeps and it never slumbers, but rather partners with Me in the heavenlies to rule and to reign and to subdue all the workings of the enemy against you.

Fear not for I AM with you.  Fear not I have made My abode within you.  Fear not for I will not let any of the things the enemy has threatened come to pass if you will listen to My voice, respond to My command and endure with patience until that just end I have promised is your manifest portion.

August 6; 2015:   The Father says today as a man thinks in his heart so is he.  Your words proceeding out of your mouth are seeds planted whose fruits you will partake of tomorrow.  If you don’t like what’s coming out of your mouth then you will not be pleased with tomorrow holds for.  I created the cosmos by My words.  I did not create with good intentions, emotional sentiments, or intellectual resolutions.  I formed the earth by My words and then ingrained into your being my image and My authority so that all creation would respond to your words as though they were My own.  Open your mouth widely says the Father and I will fill it.  As I am so are you on the earth.  My words in your mouth are even now efficacious to perform that whereunto I have sent them.  Because My words are not void your words are not void! OPEN YOUR MOUTH and begin NOW to rule and reign in life for this is your portion.

Allow Me to cleanse the contamination of the negative from your thoughts and from your mind.  The negative was never intended to be equated with reality, or truth.  Whatsoever things are good, pure, perfect, think on those things for they are the building blocks of that which I purposed to do in your situation.  You will be called naïve.  You will be called unrealistic.  You will be called foolish BUT you are not foolish when you think My thoughts and speak My words.  I create the fruit  of the lips says the Father.  I give peace to him that is near and him that is a far off.  Even though you may feel far from Me at times – – when you open your mouth and speak My words I will draw you and bring you near to Me beyond all your expectations.   I declare to you this day that you are the one I’m working with and this is your now season.  There shall be delay no longer for your blessing time has come.

August 5, 2015:   The Father says to you today, nothing external to you has any power over you.  You are not subject to any circumstance or any situation or person that contradicts what I have promised to you in My word.  The happenings that occur in the material world are simply observations made regarding that which I’ve given you authority over.  I’ve given you authority says the Father even as I said to Adam.  I commanded the very first man to subdue and have dominion! The dominion that was lost in Adam is restored in Christ.  In your life (because you belong to Me) – ruling and reigning begins now!  Ruling and reigning does not begin after death nor does it require death, for death is My enemy.  Did I not say in My word that the last enemy that would be put under My feet is death?  And did I not say I would be sat down until the last enemy is put under My feet?  What part of ruling and reigning is yet to be framed in your understanding says the Father?  Come to My table beloved, and partake!  I have prepared a table for you even in the presence of your enemy and you shall be unharmed, and unmolested, for My hand and My name is your defense!

When My Son walked the earth He demonstrated My standard for human normalcy!  He demonstrated the human condition as I intended it and then boldly proclaimed that you have inherited His name and will do greater works!  Enter into the greater works this day.  Expect signs, miracles and wonders.  Expect the unusual, the unique, the fantastic!  Find moving in your midst to demonstrate My goodness and My strength in you and to you and through you in a greater measure then you have ever known says your God!

August 4, 2015:   The Father says today come into to an understanding that I framed this world by faith.  I looked into the chaos and into the darkness that was without form and void and I spoke that thing that I desired.  What man calls the Big Bang was simply the sound of My voice reverberating in the unformed chaos of pre-creation.  I spoke and the earth came into manifestation according to the dictates of My expectations.  This is the creative power that I have given to you, that I have given to every man – even the measure of faith to form, fashion, and transform the world around you.  The very quantum energy of created reality is in your mouth says the Father, as a gift from My hand.  Reform your thinking from a mind filled with lack, poverty, and sickness.  Your faith can only manifest that which is hidden in your heart as I said in My word “as a man thinks in his heart so is he”.  If you don’t like what is in your life, change what is in your heart and then open your mouth boldly to declare and transformation will come!

This is what it means says the Father to “have the faith of God”.  Learn what this means and weeping and sorrow will flee away and joy and rejoicing will come as you partake of the powers of the world to come and see your life transformed according to the template of heaven come to earth. This is Who I am says the Father, this is what I do!  This is My faithfulness that I have released to you – yes and even made available to every man and woman if they will only call upon My name! Receive of My bounty!  Receive of My goodness for I am a good God and I have good things in store for you beyond what you could ever ask or think.

August 3, 2015:   The Father says today that My Temple is not a temple made with hands, My Temple is built of blood and bones and flesh even as you are.  You are My Temple says the Father, and in you I choose to make My habitation.  I have no interest in visitation rights.  I AM a God of Habitation and not mere occasional blessing.  I call upon you this day to render unto Me full custody of all that you are, and all that you have been, and all that you will ever be.  I AM not a deadbeat dad says the Father, I AM not an absentee landlord, lo – I have taken up residence on the inside of you.  I will beautify you with Myself and surround even your grounds, the grounds of your life with the fullness of My favor and My blessing.  Say of your soul says the Father, you get to have it all!  You get to have it all says the Father because you have chosen to be a kingdom seeker.  Even as I said in My word when you seek first the kingdom all things will be added.  All means all, and nothing will be left out that pertains to life or godliness.

There are those that have taught in My name that I have chosen depredation, lack, sickness, and poverty as your portion, but this is not your portion from My hand.  If you being evil know how to give good gifts to your children then know and understand; I will give, and I will bless, and I will release and impart to you every good thing that you have cried out to Me for.  Cleanse your mind of the “less than mentality” and open your heart to the largeness of My spirit, and the measure of My generosity expressed in My highest gift, even the gift of My only begotten Son.  This is your day! I call you a receiver, so open up your heart and receive of My bounty.  Say of your soul “the Father’s bounty is my portion and I will in no wise be turned away”!

August 2, 2015:   The Father says today all things are possible, only believe.  Religious thinking wants to limit that saying says the Father, even as it does all of the unqualified faith statements found in My word.  I say to you Ask what you will and it will be given you.  You do not have to overcome My reluctance to move in your life because I have none.  I say to you that I place no premium upon denial or refusal to answer the cry of your heart.  The enemy of your soul has maligned and defamed My name as though I sit as Lord of the universe yet refuse to release those mere pittances that you ask Me for.  Did I not say in My word that it is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom?  Know this says the Father, that righteousness, peace and joy are yours.  My righteousness – the blood bought entitlement of heaven, is yours.  I have put the signet ring of My authority upon your hand, and you need only display and invoke My name to see answers and deliverance come.

So enter this day into a new simplicity and vision.   Where there is no vision there is perishing!  Come into a new simplicity of faith even as a little child who holds out his hand and cannot conceive of it coming back empty.  I will not deny you – neither will I delay the answer.  I will answer speedily says the Father.  That is Who I am, that is what I do, so run to Me, make a break away from the ranks of dead religion into living, vital entitlement as My son and My daughter.  Aim high says the Father for where there is no vision there is perishing! I have not called you to perish, but I’ve called you to survive and I’ve called you to thrive and I’ve called you to ascend.  Even as I said to Moses “see” I have made you a god to Pharaoh.  Even as I said to Joshua “see” I have given you the city of Jericho.  It is not wrong to visualize for you are of that generation that will dream dreams and that will see visions and I will cause those visions to become a reality in your life and shake the earth with the vitality of the spiritual strength and character that I am manifesting in your life experience.

August 1, 2015:    The Father says today that you are not worthless.  The enemy has tried to tell you that you are good for nothing, but you are not good for nothing even as I said in My word.  I take notice, even when the sparrows fall, and you are of much more value than many, many sparrows says the Father.  Adjust your thinking and begin to see yourself as one for whom the purchase price of Calvary was abundantly expensed, that you might be brought out of the domain of darkness into the kingdom of My dear son.  I do not merely call you servants says the Father, you are more than a servant, I call you sons.  I call you beloved daughters.  I call you that one upon whom I will dote and that one on whom I will pour out My favor – even My unconditional love.  My default answer towards you when you cry to Me is always yes.  I have bestowed upon you the “yes and amen” for you have taken shelter in My name.  My name is a high tower and those that run into it will be saved.  So run into My name says the Father.  Run into My “yes” and My “amen”.  The door is open and the way has been made clear by the purchase price of Calvary.

I know that this is not what has been taught in the councils of the self-important and the uninformed says the Father.  Make it your purpose to be a Father pleaser and listen to My voice, I AM calling you to My word and to come up out of a religious mentality, that you might begin to think the thoughts that the shed blood of Calvary made possible.  Let My thought to become your thoughts, your purposes, and your pursuits.  This is the romance of heaven says the Father.  I have not purchased you as a widow but I have purchased you as a bride.  Adjust your prayers this day – praying not as a widow to an unjust judge, but as a bride, one who is betrothed to her Beloved – knowing that I will respond in full measure to cleanse, to redeem, to deliver and transition you in the highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.


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  1. thank you Russ and Kitty I’ve been greatly encouraged and blessed by your daily prophetic inspirations, and words.
    Clifford King. New Zealand South Island Christchurch city.

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