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The Hour of Fruition and Glory! — 2 Comments

  1. This spring the gardeners were out watering and fertilizing the ground to get the grass, flowers and shrubs to grow. It’s quite an effort to keep everything green!

    But I noticed the empty field nearby had no trouble sprouting vigorous weeds with no human help.  It appears the weeds have well adapted to flourish in poor soil.

    Similarly the “soils” of our institutions (schools, governments, arts, even churches) have degraded to such a point that weeds flourish while beneficial plants struggle.  May the Lord enrich the soil and make it again ground for good things to grow!

    • Thank you for that!!! Indeed true!  My son’s back yard is not sodded so every time there’s Rain which is not often here, the weeds grow up all over again and have to be pulled. I haven’t wanted him to use chemicals because of the part of the garden back there that grows vegetables. So every time they grow again some of them are poisonous there’s one in particular that has little berries on it that’s dangerous to the dog or to little children so they have to be pulled asap.

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