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Demons Shaking — 3 Comments

  1. Dear Brother Bennett: 01/10/22

    Shalom to you & Mrs. Bennett. I know I’ve sent a yesto a message of yours before; I must do it again. Saw your email- its such a confirmation of what I’m hearing Holy Spirit say also. And the ‘sounds in the evening,middle of night’ when all is quiet- I knew it was in the spirit realm- but Couldn’t figure it out I had no fear I’d wake up with a strong presence of the Lord and I literally would hear what sound like clamor or fighting. [I live quietly alone in the country- I knew that it was some kind of clash but I didn’t know what].when I read your post suddenly it clicked what it was. A few years ago there was a prophecy over me “to take the sword & cut off Leviathans head”.At church in a powerfully anointed service couple yrs ago- the Lord opened my eyes in worship & I saw a HUGE warrior angel – who announced he was Michael. He held a huge shiny sword up in air- he told me “Cut off Baal’s head”. Since then,I certainly have had my battles (for life, health- everything. But the LORD GOD has delivered me every time). I thank-you for your faithfulness to post. Your posts are succinct, strategic, revelatory and of great instruction. Keep the Faith. Hold fast. Sincerely, Elizabeth in Delaware, USA.

  2. On September 30 I heard very unusual sounds of some heavy stuff being moved in an area of my Kitchen. Please keep me lifted in your prayers.

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