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The Hungry Generation — 2 Comments

  1. God has been too MERCIFUL to show me great & mighty things i didnt Know.
    What a rare priveledge as I am not worthy of HIS GLORY!
    YET, everday, I confess my sins & afterwards i pray Lord, “I am not satisfied with the level I am with you”. I want to know you more!
    I can’t explain why this insatiable hunger for God’s word & presence. The more I search for HIM, the more HE REVEALS HIMSELF & the More I long to know HIM!
    It is a Heavenly Mystery that God alone understands! Hallelujah!
    Lord, create your insatiable hunger in all my brethren who seek to know more in Jesus Christ name.
    Thank you Jesus!
    Thank you woman of God! May God uplift you divinely.

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