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The LORD Will Never Fail You! — 5 Comments

  1. Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus My Lord My Saviour My Redeemer My Rescuer My Defender My God I praise your name Dear Lord Jesus.

  2. Lord, Your words spoken through your prophetess to me is true & real. You are truly the God of details who knows all my secret struggles.Thank you Lord!
    May God empower you mightily! Thanks

  3. Sheesh…AMEN LORD!!! I receive it with Overflowing Gratitude!! Unscathed, PRAISE GOD!!
    What an amazing confirmation!!
    Thank You for Unconditional, Irrevocable, Irreversible, Unimpeachable, Perfect, Powerful, Glorious, Beautiful Love Abba!!
    Bless your beautiful heart June, thank you.

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