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The Immaculate Re-Conception — 3 Comments

  1. Always reminded of Spirit reality! A few staples as we build in the profundity of your teaching. Gen.3:8-10 Fear of Spirit Life. They hid but heard…thanking God for Grace to know the ‘sound’ of His presence in a fall. ‘Fear’ the first negative emotion mention – not anger, disappointment, but fear – bc now man has to ‘think’ outside of God and hid behind the futility of his natural abilities to cover himself insufficiently – when they were clothed in the ALL-Sufficient One. Fig leaves sown together as cover was a pic of disconnect from the True Vine. Figs likely one of the fruit trees…It may hv lacked fruit. In the absence of the Root of the Fruit (Love)..of Spirit Gal.5:22 we make stuff up and it withers bc we can’t have Fruit w/out the Root. Be Rooted Church. Isa.11:1-5 John 15:1

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