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The Importance of Family — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for this powerful word.I have forgiven but my family isn’t saved so they continue to see it their way. It hurts my heart-but I continue to pray for them and myself for deliverance/freedom. Pray for me and bless you abundantly!!

  2. Thank you for this revalation I needed this word,and am very convicted at the same time.please pray for me that me and my partner get married after 7and half years of engagement,I believe why attack comes on us or me attacking him because the enemy is about us before our to be married!

  3. Thank you so much Laura for this Relevant Word from the Lord. God created Families and prayerfully we will begin to forgive and love the way God loves us unconditionally. Help our emotions to come under the rule of Holy Spirit and continue to forgive each other and BE Reconciled with each other in our families as well as to those outside of the Family, because IT pleases God!

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