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The Law of Christ VS the Law of Moses — 5 Comments

  1. Christ says in Matt 7:22-23 that He will tell those He doesn’t know to depart from Him because they practice Lawlessness. Christ also says to keep His commandments. Christians today correctly obey laws that are only mentioned in the books of Moses. Christians agree that we should obey the 10 Commandments, but do not because they have allows man’s definitions to supersede the definitions of words written there.

    In Acts 17:11, Paul commends the Bereans because they searched the scriptures (Law and Prophets) to see if what Paul wrote was true. People today need to search the Law and Prophets to see what Laws are done away with.  If there is no precedence set there, you need to re-evaluate what your belief of what Paul is talking about. Paul is the only writer of the Bible that is warned about in 2 Peter 3:15-17 where people who aren’t learned in the scriptures (Law and Prophets) will be destroyed by their lawless deeds. The article ends with Rom 6:1-2 where Paul says to “sin no more”, however the definition of “sin” is transgression of the Law.

    When salvation comes, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit will cause you to walk in His laws and Statutes as stated in Ezekiel 26:27. 1 John is a great study on this subject where he reinforces the fact that if you say you have faith but no works, your faith is dead.

  2. Jesus says in John 5:37 that no man has neither heard nor seen the Father. My question to all is “Who was Moses talking to?”  The Law given to Moses was from Jesus who only says what the Father tells Him, therefore, the Law of Moses is the Law of Christ.

    Let us not forget that the covenant was broken when the children of Israel built the golden calf.  God wanted to kill them and start anew with Moses. Moses pleaded for Him not to kill them and therefore the Mediation of constant sacrifices was instituted until the redeemer would come.  Covenants are agreed upon by both parties and the daily sacrifices were not agreed upon but imposed upon them. Hebrews summarizes how we now have a new high priest/king that is our mediator where all the daily sacrifices are over.

    Moses also says in Deu 30:11-14 that the law is not too hard to do. Jeremiah, where we find first mention of the new covenant where the Law is written in our hearts, also tells us not to call the Law a burden.

  3. The lack of knowledge about the genetic law is for the reason that false teachers have spread doctrines that the Old covenant has vanished.
    While saying this they often refers to Hebrew 8:13 “A new covenant, he hath made the first old. Now that which decayeth and waxeth old is ready to vanish away.”
    But the verse does not say that the old covenant has vanished away it says that it is READY TO vanish which is a HUGE different and the different between truth and false!
    There is a reason that the genetics are called according to Moses name (Mosaic) even though the ‘world’ denies God,it the same time confirms from where the knowledge of the genetic ‘stones’ origins.
    Trisomy 21 Mosaicism
    Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome) is one of the most prevalent chromosomal abnormalities amongst live births (wikipedia)

  4. Every living creature are under the ‘law’ of Moses and we are ‘stoned’ to death because Moses’ law is the genetic law and the stones we are “killed” with are the genetics that bound us in this body made of flesh and blood.
    God speaks of two things the genetic and the spirit.
    The trees in the Bible are family trees and the stones are the DNA building blocks.
    Therefore are we called a house or temple because we are built of these living stones which creates family trees.
    God speaks in His Word only what HE does not what man does therefore is there no ‘stoning’ of man in OT.
    This is what the scribes did not understand because they read the scriptures without the leading of the Spirit of Truth.

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