Will We Do It Again?


There is some work going on right now.  It does not matter that God has and is using technology to further accomplish this work, in our time.

How we limit God.  Could we think that our heavenly Father, the Creator of it all, could not look down the halls of time, and see the device in our hand?  He could not see almost everyone of us sitting in our chair, looking at some kind of screen.  Really?  Wasn’t it His word that said it would be so; all of this knowledge that has increased; in such a short time span?

So, He’s working right here.  We are going to have to be more fair and honest than we have ever been before.

There is a slogan that says, “history repeats itself.”  How much harm did we see done to others and to ourselves down through the years of what we have called our Christian experience?  Just because we refuse to admit that we hurt people, does not mean that we didn’t.

Maybe we did not know better; but we did it.  Perhaps we simply followed what someone else told us.  The Spirit would have taught us differently.

We seem to be skirting a topic that is truly one of the last things that we who say we are in the church, want to hear.  You see, I heard something today that caught my spirit.

I tried to go back and read it again, but I could not find it.  They talked about what God could do with hearts of stone.  Just as many of us were diffused and literally dismembered for better purposes, He can still move on the hearts and lives of others, who seem unmovable.

Do we forget, that our God is the God of second chances?  It’s been proven to many of us.

We have to be real honest.  The ministry has not been allowed to operate in it’s intended fullness; not in most of our lifetimes.  Is it not true that we could never have said the things that we have had the freedom to speak here.  And we would not have that liberty even now in most places.

It’s my feeling, that we will not always have this place to minister freely as we have now.  Doors are closing that have been cracked open enough for the work to be done.  Before, we were no threat to the kingdom of darkness.  But, too much truth?

We restored very few people.  No need now, to pretend we have.  And, we still don’t.

As I sense it today, we will start.  Regardless of whether people want to hear it or not, there is a proclamation that is given in this very same chapter.  It’s only a few verses down. “Be not deceived; God is not mocked.”

We proclaim we believe the Word of God.  We even once said that things were put in a certain place, for a reason.  Are we not mocking when we think or act as if what He said, does not apply; what He said wasn’t true.  You who are spiritual: those responsive to the guidance of the Holy Ghost.

Those truly filled with the Spirit will be gathered together again.  We can’t believe that Jesus would come back for such a fractured body.  What if we had a chance, to do things differently this time?

Is it yet going to be, that your hair is too short?  Mine is too long and too passe’.  We don’t look the same.  Your fellowship does not really believe the same things that mine does.

We are loosing many of our children because of our hard and harsh ways.  What if God were to speak from heaven and say,  “I don’t care what church you go to. I want to know if you love others as I loved you.  Where is my Spirit?”

We saw good works fail, because of envy and the desire for control and power.  Some of us shouted, we would never do the things we had done to one another again; we’d suffered enough.  But we did.  And some of us will now; if we don’t get on our faces today.

I have family who are going to die, if God does not undertake.  We can’t heal them.  Our people are perishing and we stand by helpless.

More will fail; and some of us will too.  All we have come through, will yet be in vain.

God is not going to let us get by with all of this confusion, the division, the pride, the waxing cold.  Can we still change?  Is it possible to sit down together and reason together again?  Why not?


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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