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  1. I have been a believer for 28 years, I have to be honest, I thought everyone who is a believer hears from God by the help of the Holy Spirit. I had been to many churches but always felt like the odd one. It would be disagreement with scripture teachings or the way people behaved saying it was the Holy Spirit. This went on for 25 years then God made known to me to listen to a particular minister and I loved everything he was teaching in the scriptures apart from one thing, “the gifts of the spirit” believing prophecy was no more. It’s only a little while now, and I asked God was I a prophet ?, and numbers 12:6 was brought to my attention. I feel like such a slow learner. Your post here is like mine exactly. Now what Lord ?.

  2. Thank You and may God Continue to Bless You his Anointed. I am going through some things and really needed to read this.

  3. Thank you! This truly depicts my life. It’s exactly true and has been my journey. Awesome for sharing because it’s a blessing to those who are being refined in the fiery furnace. Bless you

  4. Amen, this is all true.  It is a very lonely life, but Thamks be to God!

    Blessings, & thanks for this post!

    • Hi Steven. Wondering if there is a way out of being a prophet. I don’t want to give up my ability to hearing from God, but I don’t want the trials it comes with. Can I still hear God, but get the trials eliminated? I love that I hear from God and would not give that up for anything. But the trials are killin’ me. Thanks.

      • So…in my experience it’s the trials we walk thru that keeps me hearing from God. So very very very hard. Numerous these past few years.
        Great article gave some imsihht

  5. This message was for me. Thank You Holy Spirit for writing through Stephen. I never desired to be a prophet but I’ve been told time and again that I am one. Lord knows this has been a journey and according to your message it will continue to be. It’s understandable. More of Him, less of me. I did lose my income because I was no longer able to walk the long distances my job required me to. Now I’m being upheld by God through family and friends and random one night jobs. Thank You Lord. God bless you Stephen.

    • ptl.it is a blessing to know that we are worthy that God love us that much to allow us to walk in his word and being a mouth peace for him, it hard but we will make it to the end if we get out of the God, way just let him be lord over you stop fighting it let him be the piolet you cant fly with out a piolet so just surrender and say lord your will not mine everything will fly smoothly when you hit those dark cloud just have to pray a lot more longer.be encourage and know that God love you he want you because you are ready stop fighting go slow let it take place peaceful enter his gate with praise .

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