Have you EVER Walked in Love?


How come are we more faithful to a Christian television show and a person we only see and hear on television, than we are to our local pastor and Church who labors and prays for us on a consistent basic?

We send them hundreds of dollars, but give barely or nothing were we are being weekly fed.  How come are you are calling them “your Pastor,” but you are in somebody else’s house getting fed, counseling, prayer and prophecies?

You got your breakthrough, healing and deliverance, with that man or woman of God, but you don’t want accountability, so you use the excuse that your anointing is too strong for you to connect with them!

In this hour, people don’t want correction, rebuke or discipline, so they grab a TN preacher to keep from being held accountable for their actions, that are often out of order.

They want to do their own things, even if it’s wrong, and they won’t connect to anybody, because they are stubborn, rebellious and disobedient.

They love to try to point out that the Church has “flaws,” because they need an excuse for their actions.  They find something wrong with every preacher who points out all their actions which are contrary to the Word or will of God.

The Spirit of The LORD said, these are persons who know they are sick, but instead of going to the doctor to find the root cause, they just self-medicate themselves, often with the wrong stuff, causing themselves to either get worst, or to die.

Renegades are on the rise and they don’t want you telling them anything.  They know it all.  They can’t be corrected.  They are the only ones who are holy.  They are the only ones who are  right.

They tear down every preacher and only attach for a season with people to get what they want.

They will play one preacher against another, to get them at odds, then use them as an example to justify why they don’t want to be in a local assembly for accountability.

The Apostles would go out and preach in different regions, but they would assemble together to discuss what happen, and to be examine by the other Apostles, so that they wouldn’t get out of order.

We have too many persons who say they don’t need spiritual help, and their actions show that they are spiritually insane.  They are doing and saying things that show that they need spiritual guidance, but they are to self righteous and stubborn to admit it.

People, let us stop trying to preach principles that we are not walking in ourselves.

First get the beam out of your eye, before you get the mote out of another’s!

Please let’s examine ourselves first, before we put others in hell.  And by the way, God is a God of balance.  If all your words are negative, unfruitful, full of poison, venom, and judging, then instead of you helping people, you are killing them.

Read your Word.  God would pronounce judgment, but He also gave hope concerning the judgment.  We cut people and leave them to die, because we are full of evil.

Let’s take this coming month and truly study on love from God’s perspective and see if perhaps we can work on our own attitude and spirit.

You may find out that you never have walked in love!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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