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  1. I had a surgery years ago and not long after that I had a dream, someone with a speaker proclaiming that my elder brother( always represent Jesus) was coming home and every train was giving way to the one that he was in; in my house I saw my mum (Holy Spirit)pouring out wine into the cup that my father(Father God) was holding and she had one cup too then they cheers for the good news. Then my elder brother came in … and he sit down and start to peel off the scar of my wound with a knife, I tried to stop him and said” will it pain?” and he gently push away my hand and keep doing the peeling until it was just like other skin of my body. I also dreamed at 8/28/20 that someone touched my wound and said,” your scars are healed.” He is a God FULL OF MERCY AND GRACE, he pick up the ones that are rejected, despised, on one cares and bind up their wounds and heal their diseases and crown them with beauty… so please try your best and your worst RUN TO HIM who calling sinners come home with an open arm… let the praise RISE even in our tears for He is worthy! Amen!

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