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The LORD is Pouring Out The Oil of Gladness! — 2 Comments

  1. This is the Joy the Prophet Joel spoke of which will NEVER be taken from us again!!! Whoop Whoop!!
    This Word is spot-on!! I’ve been waiting patiently and my Reward is Him, His Joy, His Peace, His Love….the removal of every spot or blemish which would block the Center-out Infusion of His Joy, hallelujah!!
    He gave me a vision a short while ago where it was like a dark fog lifted off of me and I could see clearly and perfectly. The oppression was gone, I mean it was COMPLETELY GONE!!! I looked around at a crowded room with many who were under the same fog and an overwhelming Joy welled up from within and I wanted to shout and dance and sing and let everyone know the OH MY GOODNESS WE’RE FREE!! WE’RE FREE!!!
    This is Good News beautiful lady!!
    Thak God for your beautiful feet on the Mountain!!
    Gid bless you!!

  2. This word is an answer to my prayers, my questions. Now I understand what I am supposed to do on the strategy I should use.

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