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Warning: A New Storm Brewing — 3 Comments

  1. Yes, I will definitely pray for peace, healing and strength.  For the evil one is coming to do what he has been destined to do.  Give us a bad time.  Thank you for this warning Marie.

  2. What if bodies have been attacked by the first one like it has because it’s a Venoms and it’s not just a virus?
    Anyone who actually had the shots or the Covid itself are compromised.  GOD will be our protection as many have had to learn from these liars in the enemy’s camp!
    PRAY GOD WILL ARREST IT! Do we really want to see more deaths. Already more deaths happening from the jabbed!
    May it all boomerang on the Reprobate!!!
    There is power in your voice, use it against the enemy!

  3. Elizabeth Marie a sister heard sattelite 512 and then Black Death.  I googled it and it showed a large index but the only disease in that index was Black Death♦️. The bubonic plague which happened in the 1300’s and it is estimated 25 million died. Apparently from fleas off of infected rats.

    It is said with the v nano particles were injected which can self assemble. Now years ago I was talking with a watchman that these things will be triggered by a cell tower or sattelite..a certain frequency ortone
    Thats the only way I can think a sattelite can set off a disease.

    It gives black sores and blackened skin.♦️ Doxycycline was a potential cure .
    For your prayer and discernment.

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