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The LORD is Your Keeper — 4 Comments

  1. Your prophetic words are always edifying.
    I look forward to reading more of them.
    From Nigeria

  2. My husband of many years is dying today or this week according to his doctors. He may have passed already. I am waiting for my son to drive me to see him if he is still there at the hospice. They did not give him long. All his talk was of me. I would like to get there in time. I have been in deep waters for many years.

  3. Dear Sister June, I am in crisis situation , can u please keep me in Prayer. I came across your Tweet n it came as I was pleading n praying to the Lord.  I feel as if God was speaking to me n letting me know that whatever I am going thru He will not leave me or forsake me.  Yes, I am afraid n all looks hopeless but , the Lord says I am the answer n I will not fail you. I am encouraged even in my doubts n fear, I must believe in Him who created me n knows my beginning n my end. Thank you n God Bless you! Jesús is Our Blessed Hope!!

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