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The LORD is Your Sure Foundation — 2 Comments

  1. YES I waited long long long in pain, sorrow, disappointments, anger and hopelessness. PSALMS 91 greatly greatly MUCH empowered BELOVED mostly favorite PSALM in 2020 during early stages of COVID 19 and still reigns as highly top billboard FAVORITE. HIDE.under the secure WINGS of his might, HIS POWER, HIS promises and HIS everlasting love.AMEN☝☝☝⌚⏰ the enemy is DEFEATED☝☝☝

  2. This is wonderful news Deborah, as I lay awake through another night of torment.
    I put this night, and all before it, into the “ALL THINGS” basket He is working together for good. It’s been so long I can hardly even imagine life without it. But I stand on the Rock. I wait patiently for Him to act. I pray for those around me held captive by the spirits of bullying…what must have happened to them to remove them so far from the reflection of their true identity in the Image of their Maker…it couldn’t have been good.
    One day we will all lie down with lions and tigers, and children will put their hand in the searpents hole and not be bit. That’s a True Story, told by The Author of Life.
    Your words and sincere love for Him have helped to sustain me Deborah, thank you.
    I look forward to spending eternity getting to know you and all my family better.
    God Bless Deborah. :)

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