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I Will Not Give Up! — 3 Comments

  1. One word I tell Abba Father everyday is: I WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON HIM & that’s the word HE gave you again to me. I tell HIM he has taking me too far to leave me now. I will hold onto him for ever. I ask for more grace to follow him. Thanks a lot dearest Dana.

  2. Thankyou dear sister.You have spoke right into my present situation as though you were speaking personally to me.Ive been a Christian now 56 years and known God’s faithfulness time and again.Yet at this time I’ve had to dig in DEEP like never before.This word has encouraged me no end.God Bless you STB

  3. Hoorayyyyyyyyy!!! Glory be to our God. He sees, He hears and He knows. Thank you dear sister for the powerful words of inspiration and encouragement. No looking back, forward march…shalom to you Dana..

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