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The Lord say: I AM Hearing the Cries of MY Creation — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Jo Ellen,

    I have been of late asking the Lord for a powerful anointing to be able to do something for Him. I have been very upset and disappointed that I was not being used of the Lord and that I needed to be more effective in praying for people and be able to see signs and wonders follow that the Lord said would follow. Last Sunday, I was filled with the presence of the Lord and His anointing and I heard the Lord speak to me saying, “Go in the power of my might”.
    So I just put this phrase in Google and found your article, where you use the very same exact phrase. I am so blessed by your writing. Please pray that I am in the center of God’s will, to know Him more intimately and that I am able to serve Him more effectively.

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