The Father Says Today – August 2014


August 31, 2014:    The Father says today that your relationship with Me is going off the scale.  You will no longer be able to measure your spiritual experience by what others have testified to.  Do not measure yourself by those worthies who have gone on before you.  Their experiences are not the boundary of what I am doing in your life but rather the starting place where I am beginning and pouring out a new thing upon you.  I say again that where the great ones of days past left off is now the starting place where I am beginning to bring fresh glory into your life.

The time is now says the Father.  The currents of the river of My purpose are now narrowing and quickening.  This is white water time in the currents of My purposes.  I am going to come suddenly and talk to you. This visitation will be so swift you will be looking back on it before you know it has taken place. I will drop the download of heaven for this season that will cause you to upgrade of glory that is your portion in this hour.  Brace yourself says the Father for everything begins to change and shift this day.

August 30, 2014:    The Father says today that I will bring you before nations and peoples for My name.  You will tread the halls of power and testify of My kingdom and My rule to those who think everything begins and ends with them.  I am shaking the governments of men and bringing a new testimony into the earth THROUGH YOU of My sovereignty in the affairs of nations.

You will stand to give an account for yourself but people will not see you but they will hear Me, My voice and My glory will be seen and heard and felt.  They not understand but they will go away knowing they are forever changed.  In you I have place an aperture of spiritual release behind which surges a river of My glory.  You are a releaser of My glory.  I am pulling you back from busy-ness and calling you to serve between My feet where the staff of David rests and rules over the affairs of man.  Come away My beloved for the hour of shift and change is upon the earth and you are called to be a participator and a receiver as I make all things new among men.

August 29, 2014:   The Father says today that I am taking you out of understood comfort levels into a place of new fruitfulness and harvest.  You will see in this season a multiplication of crops many times over.  You have sown says the Father and I have seen that.  Will you sow into My purposes and not reap by My processes says the Father?

It is your portion and your potential to be a part of a new apostolic awakening.  The prophetic in the earth is opening the matrix of a barren womb in the earth to bring an unimpeachable testimony of signs and wonders that the world cannot marginalize and the church will not be able to ignore.  Religious authorities will raise their eyebrows and say “that can’t be God because it didn’t come from us!”  They will be offended and I will laugh and pour out of My fullness on a simple and humble people who will refuse to take the glory to themselves that only belongs to Me.

August 28, 2014:     The Father says today that I will be known in your midst as Jehovah-Raphe.  I am your healer.  Healing is not simply what I do it is WHO I AM.  I can no more refuse to heal than I can choose not to be the God of the Universe.  I know that isn’t what you’ve been taught but it is time to reject the false authorities of those who judge My word by their experiences rather than by My promise.

I’ve given you a promise says the Father that will not fail! Healing will begin to be spontaneous and instant in you and through you out to others.  The heat of My healing gifts are imparted to you NOW.  The sword of My Spirit is in your hand.  Go out an be a doer and an implementer of My faithfulness.  I will meet you in the way and confirm My word with signs following.

What hinders you?  Leave all at my feet I will give you back what I want you to have.  There is a hunger and a need in you for authenticity and because of this I understand the actions you will have to take to find that place of radical liberty and freedom.  What are you waiting for?  Hindered by the opinions of men?  I am your protection and your provision.  I am equipping you with a new armor, even an armor that is anointed with fresh oil and burnish in the fires that kindle the coals before My altar in the heavenlies.

August 27, 2014:   The Father says today I bid you come into a place in My process where you relax and trust in the glory that is carrying you into My fullness of purpose in your life.  Where My Spirit is – there is liberty.  Walk in that liberty and do NOT allow yourself to be bound by the chains of a religious mind set.  Be free this day says the Father from the judgments of the past.  Be free from lying circumstances that have said you “can’t” and you “won’t”.  That is not My truth says the Father.

Relax!  Relax and just walk in the kingdom awareness that is a state and a perspective of being unbound from the limitations of time and circumstance.  I am carrying you and provisioning you so STOP thinking as a MERE man and begin to make room in your mind and heart for the expanding and enlarging work that I am doing in your life.

August 26, 2014:   The Father says today where you are going in My purposes you are not going alone.  You are a member of the tribe of Gad whose name means “Behold a Troop Cometh!”  I am setting the solitary in families, tribes, peoples and nations as I populate the earth with My glory and as I am glorified your placement in My economy will become known.

Yes you are bringing others with you because you are one of those whose calling is to establish My paternity in the hearts and lives of an orphaned generation.  So AWAKE says the Father to your call.  Speak to your spirit to wake up.  Speak to your eyes to be opened.  You are like a book bound before it is off the press.  Don’t mimic others – the epistle that you are is a FIRST edition not the pulp fiction of the trade publication of dead religion.  You are a first partaker.

You are now in what you waited for all your life.  Make yourself ready says the Father to run with what I have given you.  Your stature in Me is your connection and your passion for My purposes constitutes your forward momentum.  Will you ride with Me?  Yes, you are going along for the ride.  You get to take people into My depth with excitement and daily childlike expectancy.  This what you craved for and cried out for.  You will see, hear and know me and cause others to do so also.

August 25, 2014:     The Father says today you weren’t getting restless were you?  Where I am taking you – you will not be bored.  The glory you have carried as a hidden treasure is now carrying you in open testimony.  Acquaint yourself says the Father with what is carrying you and you will acquaint yourself with My glory.  I will come and talk to you and you will run to the old wineskin of past visitation and it will become new, supple wineskin of fresh habitation.  You will not be able to rely on what you know you will have to rely on what I say to you which will be handed to you by My revelatory process and become substance in your life even before the ink is dry.

I’m not coming down to you – I’VE ALREADY DONE THAT!  You are going to have come up here to Me.  It is time for you to read the scroll that can only be discerned in the lofties – the high places of habitation with Me.  I condescended to humanity that you might ascend into divinity and be known not only as servants but as sons and daughter of the Most High.  Come up higher says the Father! I say to you that the watchword of the earth in this season is ASCEND!  Ascend into a greater intimacy and knowledge of the holy than has been known in times past.  The high water mark of the indwelling of My Spirit in man has not been reached.  The generation whose feet tread the earth this hour are inheritors and candidates for this higher call!  Will you heed the call and become the chosen?  Mount up in My presence then.  Cry out and hear the response of heaven whirling upon the breeze of your soul and bringing you to a new, deeper habitation in My courts.

August 24, 2014:   The Father says today I am calling out those who will accept the full measure of the stature of Christ in their lives.  There is an oil of My Spirit that is produced when My people come together in unity.  It is the oil that flowed down on Aaron’s beard consecrating him for his assignment behind the veil.  Will you be one of the bearded ones in My glory?

Come into a place of transparency before Me and before your brothers and your sisters.  As you open yourself and become vulnerable you will manifest the Son and thereby manifest My glory.  The altimeter of the Spirit in your heart is spinning this very moment as you ascend into higher realities in Me than you have known in times past.  This is “Releasing My Presence” season in your life and with that release will come liberty.  You will bear the weight of the allowances and concessions in My glory that have yet to be tread out by My servants says the Father.  You will navigate from glory to glory, from firmament to firmament in a new spiritual ecosystem of My favor and My manifest power.

August 23, 2014:   The Father says today all power is under My feet.  You are My body therefore all power is under your jurisdiction.  No more fretting or fearing.  Satan’s dominion is broken.  You are in the place of mastery – My shed blood secures your authority over all the works of the wicked one.  You do not struggle in prayer or to gain authority.  Enter into rest and pray INTO the authority I have already accorded you by the shed blood.  You are My heir and My inheritor.  I have completeness of victory therefore your victory is complete in Me.

Go out in your day this day and become a FAITH ENFORCER of Heaven’s jurisdiction in the earth.  I say to you as I said of old – be it unto you according to your faith.  Your faith frames your world according to the promises of My word.  Fear not says the Father for I honor My word above My name.  Failure is not an option.  I call you a victor for My victory is being implemented in your life this day.

August 22, 2014:   The Father says you are in Me and I am in you.  All things are subject to Me therefore all things are subject to you for you are in Me and in Me you live and move and have your being.  The scripture cannot be broken.  My fidelity in your circumstance establishes the effectiveness of My word in your earth.  I am not a man that I can lie – what I said I will do for you are the entitled heir of a royal house and the privilege of heaven rests upon your brow this day.

You are authorized now.  Ruling and reigning is not in a far off sometime or somewhere.  You rule and reign now.  You are a principality and a power now.  Rise up and with the rod of your mouth smite the back of the oppressor and know that all of heaven’s martial forces are unleashed to back My words in your mouth.  It is who you are and what you do for I am perfecting Myself in you this day.

August 21, 2014:    The Father says today enter into your rest.  Step into the quiet rest and confidence of one whose warfare is ended for I vanquished your enemy by the sacrifice of Myself on the cross. You are blood-bought says the Father.  You are bought and paid for.  I care for My own and will not allow the enemy to encroach upon your life in any way.  There is an abundance, an utter fulness of quietness that will manifest in your utter abandonment of your cares and troubles to My capable hands.

So Beloved, say to your soul “Rest in His Rest”.  Trust in My rest and dwell in My rest and feed yourself to the full on My faithfulness.  You are the sheep of My pasture and this day I bring you to feed on the green shoots of My fidelity and reliability to save and delivery you COMPLETELY.  I am doing a complete work says the Father and will leave not one thread of concern or care to disquiet you from the still waters you are drinking from today.  Delight yourself in My faithfulness and find satisfaction for your soul.  Everything in your life will spontaneously transform according to the template of heaven-on-earth as you abandon yourself to rest in Me.

August 20, 2014:   The Father says today I came 2000 years ago as a suffering servant; I now reign as Lord and Master.  As I am so are you in the world.  How am I?  Beloved I am not impoverished or confused.  I am not stressed or overcome.  I am not feeble or sick or disadvantaged in any way.  This is who I am in the heavens that you might likewise so be upon the earth.  Receive of My fullness!  Delight your heart in the entitlement that My blood paid and purchased for you on the cross.  I declare My Lordship and My Mastery in you AND through you this day.

Do not let anyone – any illegitimate authority to talk you out of your position in Me.  I have made it possible that what I paid for on Calvary to be the dividend of the Kingdom that you enjoy everyday.  Set your affection on this blessed state.  Put your attention on this reality for I say to you this day that you are where your attention takes you.  Refuse to waste your consecration on worry, fear, doubt or despair.  Spend yourself on highest heart’s desire, greatest dream fulfilled and it will manifest as substance in your life says your Lord and your God!

August 19, 2014:    The Father says today that I hate poverty.  There is nothing about poverty that aligns with My mind or My heart toward you.  My very nature is in My name Jehovah-Jireh and beloved, your provision is available and accessible by My hand.  Allow Me to retrain and refit your life for provision, increase and abundance.  I will never hold out on you or restrain My fullness from you in anyway.  When you discipline your children do you do so by impoverishing them or infecting them with some dread disease?  There are those with religious mentalities who dare to accuse Me of such atrocities.

Reach out today by the extension of your faith and believe that you will not draw your hand to your bosom empty.  I am a God of fullness and a loving Father.  I am a God of increase therefore increase will be your portion for you are My child.  Let this be the day that we no longer have to remonstrate and agonize over supply, or lack, or limitation in any way. Purpose in your heart to be supply minded and provision minded as the presumptive blessing from My throne.  Take no more thought for any of those things rather determine to allow the full breadth of your thoughts be about seeking first the kingdom knowing that all things surely will be added to you.

August 18, 2014:   The Father says today it is time to quit praying those weak prayers, reading those weak books and listening to those weak messages.  Weak prayers produce weak results.  It is time for a challenge says the Father.  It is time to challenge the workers of iniquity and the denizens of darkness.  It is the time to reclaim your loved ones and reclaim those children whose minds have been darkened by the enemy.  Even as Moses refused to leave Egypt without his little ones even so you are not coming out until you come out with every man, woman, and child that I have entrusted to you.

Fear not the enemy for he is on the losing team says the Father.  The scoreboard is already setting and declared in heaven.  You are the victor.  You are the authority in the earth for you have yielded to the authority of heaven.  I am backing your prayers says the Father so DON’T HOLD BACK …  be bold and strong and audacious even in the hearing of your critics and your detractors for I will silence them with the answers that I rain upon you from on high!

August 17, 2014:   The Father says today I have fostered the “faith of God” within you.  The faith by while I effortlessly looked out at the darkness and said “LIGHT BE!”  I have fostered in you the faith by which I looked at a howling storm and simply whispered “BE STILL!”  I placed this IN YOU says the Father.  It is your portion from My hand and the gift I’ve given into your custody and recognizance.

Go out this day and be a demon-master.  They really aren’t that much of a challenge – you do know that don’t you?  No weapon formed against you will prosper.  You were not created for defeat or failure.  You will persevere and you will overcome and you will give testimony to My unfailing love and power and deliverance in you, and over you and around you.  You are in the sea of My presence and I am buoying you and upholding you and will this day deposit you on the shores of heaven’s answers come to earth in your behalf.

August 16, 2014:    The Father says today that the redemption I have provided you is a LIMITLESS redemption.  I have no limits therefore your redemption is without limits.  I take no pleasure in small companionship, small provision, small deliverances.  I am not a God of the anemic, minor blessings – I am the God of the PUSH-DOWN-ALL-YOUR-ENEMIES deliverance that leaves you with the victor’s crown and all your adversaries having nothing but a smoking crater of ruin.

I am standing with you and in you and all around you today says the Father.  Fear not, no not for a moment for your song in this hour will not be “woe is me…” but you will sing at the top of your voice with a full heart “Oh God – great is your faithfulness…”  Are you ready?  I am coming this day in visitation to change and transform and deliver.  Listen to My voice and listen to My song and see the armies of angelic assistance surrounding you now.  Rejoice says the Father this is your day of triumph.

August 15, 2014:   The Father says today that where My Spirit is there is liberty.  Liberty is My base state and is manifest wherever I am honored and lifted up and acknowledged.  Do not sell yourself into the bondage or limitation by those who do not know how to enjoy their salvation.  All My paths are peace, laughter and rejoicing says the Father and no matter where you find yourself today this is where I am leading you.

So identify today the fetters of illegitimate authority on your life.  Let them fall away . I release you today.  You have been asking and you have been waiting for Me to give you the release and this day I open the door to you and say take your freedom.  You will GO OUT with joy and be led forth with peace.  My joy in your heart establishes the direction and My peace establishes the timing.  My peace I give to you now for now is the time and the hour and the moment for your EXIT says the Father from all ungodly control and manipulation.  I liberate you says the Father – go out NOW and great will be your rejoicing in the days ahead.

August 14, 2014:   The Father says today it has been said “others may – you cannot…”  Fret not because of the things that others seem to get away with for your life is superintended by My hand and I am watching over you this day.  Do not be distracted by the children of disobedience for they never choose the path of life.  Fear not says the Father for this is promotion time for you and the season of breakthrough and blessing you have anticipated.

Others may – you cannot.  I am constraining you and leading you in the narrow path – the path less travelled by the mindless throng . They may falter but you will persevere.  They will faint and fall by the wayside but you will press on to the promises I have accorded you by My hand.  They will grope at noonday but you will pierce even the darkest circumstance for I will be both your light and the enlargement of your steps.  This is your hour and your day of becoming as the DNA of My Spirit shapes and transforms you into that destined son and daughter I’ve called you to be.

August 13, 2014:   The Father says today let My love constrain you.  When others disgrace themselves with words of harshness and deeds of selfishness – make it your determination to look into the law of liberty and the law of love and be changed.  Be changed this day says the Father.  Be changed into My image and witness all creation align itself to your blessing and your benefit.  Allow My image to reshape and remake you till the former marred visage of sin is completely obliterated.

You have your Father’s eyes says the Father.  You see with My eyes and you feel with My heart.  Make your mind and your soul align with that reality for it is your portion to reflect My glory and My heart to those lost and groping and casting about for one act of kindness from your hand to give them hope for another day.  Go out this day and personify love. Personify love and reflect My true character – not the distorted image of religious intolerance and hate.  I call you My love and My beloved.  God out and be the beloved and see the transformation that I have promised you.

August 12, 2014:    The Father says today that I am raising up a people to radically walk in the law of love.  The only way to master the law of sowing and reaping is to ascend into the higher law, the law of love.  As you ascend into the law of love you become a lord of the harvest.  You will sow into a barren land and reap a bountiful harvest.  You will sow in a time of famine and bring back a hundred fold return in the same season.  You will see in your life the plowman overtake the reaper and the seed sown produce a harvest before it hits the ground.

This isn’t fantasy, says the Father.  It is the no-fail zone of the love that NEVER fails.  If love never fails then why would you ever step out of love.  The wisdom of the world rejects this fact.  This is the LOVE-FACT says the Father.  It is not possible to fail when you live your life according to the law of love.  So let love’s sowing bring love’s reaping and mount up with those wings of favor I have overshadowed you with into the new territory I have annexed you into – even the territory that lords over all small minded selfishness and causes you to think with My mind and love with My heart this day!

August 11, 2014:    The Father says today I declare you an inheritor, a first partaker and a participator in My kingdom.  Take this promise and clothe yourself in the same this day. Determine this day that you are not a cowering, fearful slave but a GOD-INSIDE-MINDED scion of Heaven’s throne.  The throne is backing you today, what is there to fear?  The throne is backing you in every endeavor be bold therefore to expect and believe that your highest heart’s desire will become substance and reality as you trust and rely on Me.

The bank of heaven has signed off on your entitlement says the Father.  Appropriate this day – lay hold of your privilege and claim it as the blood bought provision of Calvary.  Only the occasion of your faith awaits the shift and change your have cried out for.  I am not a far off God. I am your breath and your life and this is the season and time that all of heaven’s best is breaking forth into your reality.

August 10, 2014:   The Father says today that you are the conqueror of sickness and disease.  The plagues that have confounded medical science will not come near you for I have surrounded you with My protection and My favor.  My irreducible life is residing in you warding off every defect and virus – there is nothing to fear.  Fear not says the Father neither be dismayed when the overwhelming scourge is in the land.  Others will scurry in fright and you will step boldly even to pray over those hapless victims and healing will be the result.

I am giving testimony afresh and anew of My healing power even as I said in My word: “… by the stripes you WERE healed….”  Enter this day into the past provision says the Father for My word is true and My promise is your surety.  Your health is springing forth speedily and your stamina will be as it was in your youth.  You will reclaim the sinew and stamina of years past and there will be dancing and rejoicing in your land for I am the Faithful One and I will be found faithful in your circumstance and situation.

August 9, 2014:   The Father says today that the high water mark of what faith can accomplish has yet to be reached.  Even when I walked the earth in human flesh I declared that you would be among those that would participate in greater works.  The very fact that I said such a thing established the fact that it would inexorably come true for My words cannot fail the proceed out of My mouth.  It is given to you to know the fullness of privilege in My kingdom says the Father.  You will lay hold on the unrealized promises of My word in your life and experience. You will possess your possessions and give a portion to those that have none.

I have ordained that you not only be a receiver but one that will be a repository of blessing and of My miracle working power flowing out to others.  So I challenge you says the Father to make Me a liar and My promise of none effect.  Do not allow the enemy to muzzle or silence your testimony.  Speak boldly and loudly of My faithfulness for you will never be ashamed – I am coming through for you and for all those who lay hold of the hope contained in your testimony.  Open your mouth, pick up your pen, let your words be strong says the Father for I am on hand to strongly support you in every endeavor.

August 8, 2014:   The Father says today that My fullness is your portion.  I have seen the emptiness of your heart and the longing with which you have pined and longed for My courts.  It is expedient for you to remain says the Father though the enemy at times has tempted you to despair even of life.  Be strong!  Be encouraged!  I have a plan says the Father and it includes your highest heart’s desires in conjunction with My greatest purpose.  I have ordained that you will be a part of My purposes that are larger than you know.  You are not insignificant says the Father.

I am not willing to do the things in the earth that I’m going to do without you.  I am defining for you what cooperation looks like and I am coming along side you this day to illuminate your path and give you joy in the journey.  I am not willing for you to live without joy therefore you will not live without joy.  I am your portion says the Father and I declare your blessing time has come!

August 7, 2014:   The Father says today let the rendering up of your praise and worship be the wave offering you make every morning.  You are a priest after the order that is without beginning and without ending.  The ephod of priesthood I have clothed you with is white with the righteousness bought for you on Calvary.  When you raise the wave offering, the morning oblation of your praise all heaven takes notice for your sacrifices of praise are precious to Me says the Father.

As your praises go up the walls erected against you by the adversary go down.  The adversary hates your praise and hates your words of adoration and worship.  They sting his eyes and burn like a lash across his back.  Let praise be your warfare says the Father.  Don’t put you attention on the enemy – put your attention on the throne.  You are where your attention takes you and I have laid in store for you an ascension blessing that will even NOW reconfigure your entire life for favor and blessing!

August 6. 2014:     The Father says today that those who claim you can’t have it all don’t think there is enough to go around.  I am not working on a budget where your highest heart’s desires are concerned.  Did I not make the unequivocal statement in My gospel that “all things would be added?”  Your part is to SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM!  My RESPONSE is to see that it happens.  All means all! All means all says the Father without qualification or exemption.  I am not looking for reasons to deny or delay the things I promised to you in My word!

I would that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.  So your portion is to see to the prosperity of your soul by maintaining your attention on whatsoever things are pure, perfect, lovely and of good report.  I know that isn’t all that is going on in your life but you trust Me with those things for I am looking out for you in all ways necessary for your blessing.  I am working with you says the Father to will and to do My good pleasure!

August 5, 2014:    The Father says today I declare to you that you will WALK in the light of your testimony.  The prophetic word over your life will not fail.  You didn’t hear Me incorrectly when I breathed My vision into your life.  Your seeing and your hearing were not diminished at all for I have promised you highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled and surely, surely it shall come to pass.  You shall see the light of life in the land of the living and know the full bandwidth of My goodness and blessing.

No of course you don’t deserve it.  My love is not based upon your own merits.  Prayers are answered by the merits of the cross and not anything you can do or accomplish supposedly in My name.  Let your service and your sacrifices proceed from the joy of knowing Me and not trying to earn or be good enough to see My favor flower in your land.

I love you unconditionally and no strings attached.  I am NOT a carrot-and-stick God, I am the more than you could ever ask or think God!  I am so confident in My own ability to love that I chose to love you when you were a rebel and a sinner – knowing that My love would change and shift and alter your course and bring you into the full blossoming of My character in all godliness and integrity.  So rest in My love and purpose this day to simply respond to the fact that you are My beloved and I will take care of the details at hand in your life!

August 4, 2014:    The Father says today it is time to move from fellowship to relationship in My kingdom.  There are depths that have not been plumbed in your spiritual experience says the Father.  I am bringing this need to the forefront because you have cried out for more and longed for the glory and it is available now.  I am not coming down to you – you are going to have to come up to Me and know Me in ascension glory, power and reality.  No more weak teachings or diluted understandings.  The needs in your life call for strong meat and deep reality and it is on hand but the next move is yours.

I’ve done what I came to do and I have sat down at the right hand forever expecting.  I’m not wringing My hands wondering what to do about your situation says the Father I have acted and empowered and anointed you to act so SPEAK and in the SPEAKING see the RELEASE of My glory that brings change.  Change is available says the Father.  Change is possible but it requires a response and action on your part . I am with you says the Father be BOLD and of a good courage for this day your enemies will fall before your face.

August 3, 2014:   The Father says today The truth always outlives the lie.  There has been the suggestion that you are misled because you haven’t been willing to take “no” for an answer or to settle for less than “highest heart’s desire, greatest dream fulfilled…”  You ARE in the Truth says the Father for you are in Me and I am the way the truth and the life.  Those people in your life that you felt you didn’t measure up to are not in your life by My placement.  It is time to tear down the false gods and the self appointed authorities who wouldn’t know My truth if it appeared to them in an open vision.

You are the child of My right hand says the Father and My favor – My extreme favor rests RADICALLY upon you.  Are you ready for this?  “Believest thou this??”  Do you believe that I am able to do exceedingly abundantly beyond what you ask or think?  Then GET READY for a NOW VISITATION!  I am exposing the lie of the enemy in your life.  The enemy has painted a picture of victimization and helplessness.  I say on the contrary YOU ARE A PRINCIPALITY AND A POWER over every circumstance.  It is time to move from hoping this is truth to knowing it is truth and seeing the impact of it in your life.  Here is the lie of the enemy.  There is no such thing as random chance (luck).  Some say “isn’t that just my luck…”  You aren’t the victim of chance you are a child of My favor and My default answer toward you is yes!

August 2, 2014:    The Father says today I am your righteousness.  I have made arrangements for you to stand in My presence without the sense of fear, condemnation or inferiority.  You are My child.  I birthed you.  Your new birth is not some religious concept it is a reality.  You are God-kind.  You are bone of My bone and flesh of My flesh.  I have brought you into the continuum of natural events for such a time as this.  You were not brought into the earth to suffer or endure the subjugation of the dark one’s agenda.  I am the Master therefore you are a master.  I am mastering the enemy through you and in your behalf.

The rod of My authority is the rod of My mouth even My word.  Store up My word in your heart and draw it forth as a weapon against every encroachment of Satan against you.  The enemy cannot stand and will not stand when you resist him with the words that I have laid up in your heart.  Draw your sword says the Father.  Wield it with your faith in My unfailing constancy in your life.  I am closing the gap between My promise and your experience.  You will know in fullness the complete and utter reliability of My promises and you will impart to others the truth of My power and see many captives set free!

August 1, 2014:     The Father says today you are My blood-covenant partner.  Your relationship to Me is not maintained by some religious lifestyle or stilted pseudo-spiritual affectation or way of thinking.  Beloved, I am your ALL-IN-ALL do not allow the enemy to taunt you with dead religious vanities.  I bequeath to you the Substance of Myself.  I impart to you the full measure of the stature of Christ.  I am living and moving and acting in your life on the basis of the shed blood of Christ.  The blood that was shed is the total basis of your entitlement of all that heaven affords.

I am not waiting upon some inconsequential “someday” to be who I am to you.  I am NOW your healer and NOW your provider and NOW the resolution to every challenge you face.  Rejoice says the Father!  Rejoice and be glad for your blessing time has come and nothing shall overthrow or hinder My more-than-you-can-ask-or-think plan.  Let My “yes” be answered with your “yes” today and then let Me work out the details.  All things are possible says the Father and I will not allow you to live one more day outside of the full bandwidth of My favor.


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The Father Says Today – August 2014 — 1 Comment

  1. I read your scriptures everyday and they brighten up my day good or bad. i have been really going through a lot over the last past months but i have not given up and i am truely waiting to see the hand of Jesus manifest in my situation. Glory to His Name and thank you again.