The Lord says, I AM judging the system


I hear the Lord say, “I AM judging the system or the systematized way of doing things.”

it is very important that we begin to examine our thoughts and our ways to see if they line up with His thoughts and ways.

There are some things, ways of doing Church, and handling money and taking offerings etc., that we have always done it this way, or it is the way that we were taught or brought up in.

The Lord says, “I cannot bless your ways or thoughts because they are not mine.  This is the hour to examine yourselves and seek Me, for My ways, blueprints, thoughts and patterns.  

Just because the generation before you did it that way, does not make it right,” says the Lord.

“Seek Me and I will lead you and guide you into all My ways,” says the Lord!


Kevin Nugent

Kevin NugentKevin Nugent



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