The Lord says, know about My Apostolic and Prophetic Fathers!


The Apostolic and Prophetic Fathers are coming forth!  I have broken their hearts with the things that break My heart, says The Lord

They are crucified ones, they are not coming to take, but to give.  They will leave an inheritance to their children’s children, spiritually.

They will not draw attention to them selves, but to the Risen Lamb.  Freely they have received, freely will they give.

Under their ministries you will be trained and equipped in the supernatural without charge.  They are true bond servants,  love slaves to Me, says The Lord

They will not prey upon you but they will pray for you till Christ be formed in you.  They will not use you, control you, or manipulate you to build there own kingdom.  They will empower you, activate you, and release you to build My Kingdom, says The Lord.

They will bear in there bodies the dying of the Lord Jesus Christ, so that death will work in them, but life will work in you!  They will be touched with the feelings of your infirmities.  They will come in a broken and contrite spirit and lead you into the same.

They will deny themselves and take up there crosses and follow My Son Jesus and lead you to do so also.  When fortunes are laid at there feet they will not live the lifestyles of the rich and famous, but they will make sure that the funds are distributed to the necessity of the Saints.

They will not brag about there exotic cars, jets and mansions, but in the Cross and its Power to change, heal and deliver.

They will lead you into victory, triumph, and all that My Son Jesus accomplished at Calvary.  They will feed the widows, the poor and the orphans.  They will lead you by word and deed into the straight and narrow path.

Their greatest joy will be to see you outshine them and do more and go further than they themselves have accomplished.

These are My true Apostolic and Prophetic fathers and by these characteristics you will know the difference between them and the liars, the wolves, and the hirelings, says the Lord.


Kevin NugentKevin Nugent





The Lord says, know about My Apostolic and Prophetic Fathers! — 2 Comments

  1. Father, If I have hurt your feelings please forgive me!
    God, I don’t know what to do or where to go Lord!

  2. That is ABSOLUTELY my husband – what God has been training him for for years!
    I am believing that it is time for him to go out!