Prophecy Alert on the Continuous Defilement of Kenyan Youth


Tonight, 23rd September 2014, I had a dream in continuation of the previous prophecy I gave on 11th August 2014, concerning forthcoming sinful youth events.  The Lord showed me specific public events to be conducted in Kenya and the attending youth committing all manner of evils before the eyes of the Lord (See: Ungodly Youth Event in Kenya).

In today’s dream, going by the description of the events that unfolded, it appeared to me that there are a series of evil schemes aimed against the youth on this land of Kenya.  Not one, but a series, and once again, God is issuing a warning and sounding a clarion call to His Church and to the youth themselves, to stand as a revival church.

The ones who will hear the voice of The Lord, to come out and move away from the rest who don’t look and see sin as sin, the elect.  The elect of God, who have eyes and ears, will see and hear what the His spirit says.  They are the MOST blessed of The Lord and darkness has no power against them!

How can we believe the lies of the devil and be used by the kingdom of darkness, partnering with the enemy in his attempts to wipe out and make an end of a sober and God fearing generation?

The Lord showed me another event.  It appeared it was a film shoot, because He took me to a movie production site of a film which will have repercussions on the lives of our young people, and yes, it certainly will have.  There is also something He mentioned to me about the nation of South Africa as it relates to this film.  Really, it is not about this site He took me to, but about what will come out of it.   Allow me to describe this….

In the dream, I saw helicopters flying around the skies.  They flew round and around.  I could see them clearly and one was a red chopper, going around and flying at very low heights.  It landed in a place where they had set their tent.  It looked like an office for production or such, but then I also saw another aircraft that turned into a Land Rover in the skies.  This one landed like a four wheeled Land Rover, but things were done so fast here, the people from this Land Rover rushed out.  I think they alighted when it was still moving, and I could see them get on motorbikes, big long motorbikes.  They were expensively dressed and everything from the scene looks deceptive, because I sensed a spiritual deception.  There was also a river dividing the land which The Lord allowed me to see.

In another part in this dream, I saw many young people crossing over the river as I again I found myself on the other side.  As they approach, I was able to see that this group was of people of mixed races.  They had cameras and camera stands.  I could see that this was a worldly movie being filmed, another industry which has put our youth into bondage.

I was shocked to see this group comprised young ladies and young men who were teenagers, even children were among them.  This group was purely foreigners.  There was a man who appears to be the Leader of this team.  I also saw an interpreter among them, so the group may have be totally foreign in Kenya.  I was then greatly shocked to see some young people, completely naked.  Those who wore a little clothing had exaggerated body parts and wore expensive jewels.  Some of the scenes and appearances I am not allowed to share here.

In another scene, back now on this side of the river, this foreign youth group was warmly welcomed by another group of young black people, who met them.  I do not know why they came in school uniforms, but I saw both these two groups meeting each other and embracing one another.  At that very moment, the spirit of lust hit me in the dream with an overwhelming lust of the flesh.  And so The Lord awoke me to release this warning.

Back to the first prophecy of 11th August 2014, The Lord allowed me to share and expose an event which the youth would attend, very sinful event.  The devil has raised a serious and high standard against the youth of Kenya in primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities.  It is like the last weapon the devil has developed before he is done away with.  It is an agenda to kill, steal and destroy our young people.  Unfortunately the youth who are with him are already deeply influenced.

I hereby prophesy that there is going to be a wicked movie from this land of Kenya and the dark forces are going to release this abomination.  It is going to carry all manner of sensuality and the devil intends the youth to fall by it.

I know the enemy has stolen so much already.  We see a young society that has completely rebelled against moral ideals and norms and the Lord.  This present youth group is rushing to commit all kinds of sins that have ever been done before, and is aggressively inventing new ones.  It is a society that has formed a society within the apostate one, only more eventful and braver in serving the devil and his demons.  The media in all forms has availed itself to this younger generation and its downloads from hell.  It’s an era where everything is sensualized, and where motivation thrives on lust, with promises of wealth and fame.

The youth need both alertness and the spirit of God.  They need the spirit of excellence, a different spirit, as indwelt both Joshua and Caleb.  In the Bible, these two young men went against the lusts and new age voices of their times and they behaved wisely before God.  They followed him wholeheartedly and were not afraid to separate themselves from the entire community who had banded together against The Lord. Their community had found pleasure in sin and worldly standard.  But instead, Caleb, son of Jephunneh and Joshua son of Nun, chose God and acquired His spirit and they excelled to the promised land.

That is an understanding and decision the youth have to make.  To turn away from the sin of sexual immorality, drug addictions, homosexuality, lesbianism and the devil’s parties (Numbers 14:24).

It is apparent that even as I release this new prophetic warning, the previous one and this one really are given as a wake-up call to the youth, wherever and whenever they are to get out of the mud and seek repentance.

It is no secret that here in Kenya, many rugby tournaments are well planned and become venues of horrible sinning and debauchery.   Venues are literally turned into binge drinking scenes and sex is done in the open daylight.  An event like Prinsloo Sevens Rugby Tournament that ran from 31st August 2014 to 1 September accurately confirms the fulfillment of that prophecy.  In that event, young people indulged in alcohol and committed sin publically in the open.  Another event was Nakuru Town Street Party of 18th September and the horrible music concert by the Jamaican Singer on 6th September at Nairobi City Cabanas.  When I gave the prophecy, little did I know that it would be fulfilled as series of vile events on this nation, confirming the depth of decay and great darkness that cover the Kenyan youth today.

To say it even in harsher terms, it’s like the enemy has made appointments with our young people.  He knows where to get them and what to offer them.  He has turned their eyes into lust, he has turned their flesh into lust, and he has turned their lives into pride.

It is shocking how youngsters get into weird behavior in the name of clubbing and mingling, but what goes behind the scenes matches the debaucheries of Sodom and Gomorrah which attracted the wrath of a holy God.  To some of the youngsters, these parties are a time to show off their flashy cars, latest phones, clothes and drinks.  The event scenes create good cover for underage, school-going youths, to experiment with drugs, sex and alcohol, as peer pressure kicks in.

These events showcase fashion, bordering on the most crazy.  A majority of the youth are already hooked into homosexuality and they no longer make it a secret.  They display the markings of the devil in their language, in their dressing and on their skin, of course, markings to identify themselves as members of a sinful and wicked society.

May the Lord God, receive us back, as we choose Him this day.


God bless you,
~ Prophet Peter Odhiambo

Prophet Peter OdhiamboProphet Peter Odhiambo is the founder of Heart Revival Network  International, Kenya  and a Prophetic Endtime Minister of the Gospel.  He preaches in Crusades, open air and Revival meetings.  The Lord continuously shows him concerning apostasy in the Church and the need to prepare the Bride to fit into the Wedding of the Lamb, according to Revelation 19:7-8.



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  1. This is very telling. The media as I studied in it I believe is being used by Satan to capture the minds of people. Gross darkness is covering the earth before Jesus comes back. Its important we pray for these lost souls which are thoroughly posessed with devils to perform Baal worship. This is an hour when we must expose the works of darkness so that people will be ashamed and repent. Thankyou brother. Your eyes have seen to pray and shine Gods light. Lets win back the youth for Christ.