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The LORD Will Not Abandon You! (Updated) — 6 Comments

    • Praise the Lord! God bless you, Pastor June Reinke! I pray all is well with you, your family and in the ministry which God has placed you. I thank and appreciate you sharing this awesome, yet powerful message and Word from the Lord. It seems like the voice of the accusers begins to quiet down when I am worshipping, praising, glorifying and thanking the Lord.

      The more I strip myself of my fleshly desires and will, allowing God’s will to take place, the more the Jesus is filling up those voids, empty areas in me.Thank you, Pastor June, for sharing what God has laid on your heart to impart with all who will lend an ear to hear. Much love, respect extended to you and all of the beloved brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ our Lord, to the lost souls all over the world.️❤️

  1. This is Truly the Message of the Hour!!
    Thank you for sharing June.
    I’m in a Season of the Valley of Shadows, so the voices I’m hearing, most of the time, are from the accuser. This makes me more grateful than I can even express with words, for the people He’s chosen to bring encouragement through.
    So June, bless your beautiful heart (and feet) :)

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