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The Valley of Achor as a Door of Hope — Blow the Trumpet! — 1 Comment

  1. Sir, I didn’t know the significance of the Feast of blowing the trumpets (Rosh Hashana) before the commencement day & so i took it to the Lord in prayers for spiritual insights. Then, early hours of 6th September, 2021(the first day of the feast), the LORD GAVE ME A DREAM which I hope to share when appropriate. And later that day, I saw your indepth message on Rosh Hashana which made me understand the significance of the Feast. Meaning, i got two(2) answers that very day! God is so Merciful!
    The Holy spirit is ever ready to teach us or help our understanding if we are willing to ask him.
    I am praying using the prophetic instructions given by the Holy spirit through you & I KNOW MY PRAYERS WILL YIELD POSITIVE RESULTS (BREAKTHROUGH/TESTIMONIES) BY GOD GRACE! Thank you Sir

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