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The LORD Will Restore the Years of Failed Harvests — 12 Comments

  1. A powerful, encouraging word from the Lord!  An answer to the prayers of many of us!  Thank you June for your faithful delivery of the Word. :)

  2. Praise God! What a wonderful Promise. We receive it Lord, gladly for all those we have prayed for year after year and seen no harvest. Praise the Lord of the Harvest xxx

  3. Thank You Abba Father for Reddening The Time & For Restoring the Years of Failed Harvest, and Reconciliation & Recompense!!!❣️

  4. Thank you Father.
    I trust.

    We will be in complete happiness (shalom) within You, and because of You.

    My heart still wait for You; keep beating, looking at the window for the coming of Your love. Keep writing.

    Blessings from Him to all my family in Christ.

  5. Thanksgiving for YOU Vessel of HEAVEN, AMÉN; AMÉN; AMÉN, for Received Special MSGE.


    RO 12

    JR 29.11

    GL 5.22-23

    JMS 4

    JN 14.27

    RV 11.1-19

    1 JN 2.17

    2 PT 1

    TI 2.9-12

    TH 5.11

    CL 3

    PHP 4.1-13

    2 CO 10

    RO 1.20

    JN 8

    LK 12.15

    MK 16.15

    MT 24


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