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Invite The Feet of The Lion of Judah to Run in Your Life and Land — 13 Comments

  1. Part 3 (dream was too long for one comment)

    The glorious sight I will never forget, but though I understood how they got there and what He had done, I didn’t understand how it fitted with scripture so didn’t share it publicly.

    Reading your Word I understand now, that Creation had been groaning, cracking, giving those deep chasms. The Lord had called and the Sons of Glory had appeared. Thank you so much for making sense of what I had seen. What an awesome God we serve! Lion of the Tribe of Judah, calling them forth!!! Amen

  2. Part 2

    The Lord said, let them climb on you once they are pulled out of the chasm. As the beings climbed out they started to stand on my knees, then on my stomach, then on my shoulders, and as they climbed they became more and more muscular and strong. They became truly Mighty Men! It was so painful as these huge men climbed on to me to reach up to the Lord, but I knew I must stand and allow them to use me as a human ladder.

    As the dream ended I was aware that the whole world was covered with Christians, with these incredible men standing on their shoulders, roaring in unison to the Lord and Him roaring back. The sound was astonishing – and then the Lord told me.

    These are the young ones, that forgotten and abandoned ones. The ones that the world has robbed of so much. They have fallen, and fallen down the cracks in your world’s plan for mankind. As they fell they got weaker and smaller until their roar was just the mew of a kitten, but because you allowed them to climb on you, and took the pain and agonising weight of them, you have allowed them to respond and come up!

  3. Dear Veronika, this wonderful word reminds me, and helps to explain a prophetic dream I was given a few weeks ago. I was standing on an area where the ground was so dry and obviously burned and destroyed with warfare, that I couldn’t believe our world looked like that.

    I heard the Lord say to approach the deep chasms that had formed by cracks growing wider and deeper as the heat and destruction continued. He then said to reach my hand down deep into the chasms and to take hold of the ones I found there. I reached down my hands and grabbed hold of someone’s hands.

    As I did this the Lord took on the shape of a Lion, a mighty Lion, in the sky above the whole scene. He began to roar as many others did the same thing, reaching down into the chasms to catch the hands of whoever was down there.

    As the Lord roared, I heard the sound of a kitten mewing coming from the person I was pulling up. It really hurt as they were deep in the earth. The Lord roared again and again, and each time he roared the sound made by those being pulled up grew more and more mature, now the sound of a baby lion, now a young one and eventually the air was full of the glorious sound of the Lord roaring and the beings roaring in reply.

  4. The Lion’s feet is greater and more substantive than the barrenness and the demonic structures of the nations, and where we situate our lives and walk with our feet. I hear the cry of creation! Run, mighty Lion of Judah!

  5. I am always excited to see your words from God. I know most of the time they are uplifting to my spirit! I learn a lot about our God by reading the words you receive from God via the Holy Spirit! Praise God for your faithfulness and your Spirit of the Prophetic! God Bless You Always!

  6. Lion of Judah, please run across the desert of my Land and let life Spring up from below.
    In the Name of Yeshua, Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen
    Thank you Veronica!! God bless your beautiful heart!! :)

  7. The Lion of Judah within us, closest CALL than ever..! AMÉN,,!


    RV 5

    DN 4

    HEB 7

    PHL 1

    JN 1

    ZPH 2

    IS 4

    EC 5

    PS 4

    1 PT 2

    PS 119

    AC 4

    MT 1

    HEB 13

    PHP 2

    JN 3

    MT 28

    ZC 3

    MT 28

    DN 5 to 7

    IS 45

    IS 9 to 11

    PR 28

    JB 9

    1 KG 13

    1 SM 16

    NU 2

    GN 49

    GN 38



    • Joining in rayer and agreement with you…
      I invite you, Lion of Judah, to run across the barren land in my life and across the nation’s!

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