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  1. Wow, alot of insight to consider. Thank you for boldly giving it to all. The “pathway with corrosive metals”, is that possibly speaking of gold or silver that i should maybe stop collecting?

    • Hello Clark, I wasn’t given anything specific about the metals, however, if the Spirit gave you a nudge or witness about collecting silver while reading my post, than we shall keep praying for confirmation for you. The Lord will reveal in His time.

      I felt he was speaking about the Metals in the jab and if his people would seek him about getting it than he would heal the corruption within their temple… I am seeking The Lord about this as we know in part and we prophesy in part. 1 Corinthians 13:9.  Blessings to you, Angela

  2. Ya.I felt in my spirit also we are approaching deep sorrow.
    hope for immediate repentance .
    Ya.Saints, we must be praying and interceding.
    so that everyone can be renewed.

    May the holy spirit help enlightenment us intercession
    The time is coming to an end, those who are detained outside the door will be eliminated .

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