The Lukewarm


Christ was totally sick of the Laodicean church.  How do we know that?  Because we have read it and heard about it for many years.

It’s likely that we heard more about this church, than all of the others.  How is it, that we can skip over some things we’d rather not hear, yet subscribe to the things we do like.  Let’s pause for a moment, and fight spirits that are already trying to break through here.

They speak a flat and short message.  Why do you keep trying to talk about issues, that nobody wants to hear again?  It was in a different time, and it does not really matter now.

“I know thy works.”  It’s not that we think God does not know exactly what is going on; it’s that we think He doesn’t care much anymore.  Since there is no genuine fear of the LORD in too many places, and since He has let things go on the way they are a long time, then it must be okay.

At this point, there is no need to worry about it all; we know what we’re doing.  And it’s the way things are done these days and look how we have grown and prospered.  It’s not the first time that God’s people thought He wasn’t watching.  And we do get dull of hearing, and soon enough, the love we once had, waxes cold.

“Lukewarm = mildly warm; tepid.”  Everybody knows that.  But, oh that we had moved further into the Spirit and studied more.  Without the act of studying, we don’t examine things closely; we often miss part of the message.  We don’t get approved unto God, without it.

It’s the next definition, that changes everything here: “lacking or showing little ardor, zeal or enthusiasm.”   The last definition= indifferent, and lacking conviction.

Do you mean that one of the churches that was mentioned in the Revelation had become like that?  Jesus, said it.

Look up the word “spue” (spew).  It means to discharge the contents of the stomach, through the mouth, to gush or pour out, to throw up, to pour out or hurl forth violently.  We know the rest: “Because thou sayeth, I am rich. And increased with goods. And have need of nothing.”

Oh, but what did He see in this church.  He said, you don’t know, that you are wretched and miserable, poor and blind and even naked: they didn’t even know it.  Dear LORD have mercy; how did they get this way?  What happened, to bring them to this place?

“Wretched = In a deplorable state of distress; characterized by or attended with misery or woe, dismal, contemptible, despicable, of very inferior quality.”

Could this mean that with the natural eye, we see what we think are blessings, beautiful structures with all of the latest equipment and instruments?  Happy and contented people, who are as spiritual as they need to be; a form that looks wonderful?   Are you saying, that this is not what the Spirit sees?  The true head of the Church, Jesus Christ, has said, that He doesn’t see this at all.

How we can change the basics we once knew, and set up our own set of rules and beliefs?  We once were aware that Jesus said it.  And when we had the genuine fear of the LORD, we accepted it for what it was; what it said. “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten:”

Another definition says, “reproove and discipline.”  There’s a lot of mention of a shaking in these latter days.  And just who do we think is going to do that shaking?  Who was it that said that He was going to send forth His angels, and remove all those that offend?  Why, it is the very head of the church; that authority, Jesus Christ himself.

Is there no hope?  For some, maybe not.  They don’t hear, they don’t even try to listen; it doesn’t even phase them anymore.  Deceived, cold and hearts of stone.

But what about the rest; those who now hunger for the deeper things of God; the remnant so many talk about?  Repent.  Can you believe, this is all that it would take, to turn things around and see the church function in the same manner that it was first set up.

Not being satisfied with less; not looking proud, or down on others not in our sphere, not looking at how great our goods are or what we have built.

But the true, Holy Ghost and fire!


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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