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The Ministry of Watchmen and The Times of Visitations — 4 Comments

  1. It is me noting here how satan ‘tried’ to stop me from reading this very post!

    Surely hindered but not defeated!

    Thank you sir for the depth you went into here we so much need to see.Very needful information is to be gleaned here.

    On Dec 30 the Lord had me writing the vision for the new year on the Gregorian calendar. Also Rosh Hashanah is a time I seek to listen closely.

    Father’s instructions do not need to be missed. I want to be found on my post, listening warning, and sometimes just being still to what is to be released and when.

    Again thank you. God bless you.

  2. Sir, I pray for Double Portion of Anointing on you this year & beyond. I strongly believe this year is MY /OUR YEAR of RELEASE of All OVERDUE BLESSINGS.  Years ago, i dreamed of the Cloud been brought so low above my Head with countless STAR(s) with electric bulb attached to each of the STAR.  I was then insructed by a MAN to COUNT THE STARS which when i lifted my INDEX FINGER to do so but noticed the STARS with electric bulb had MULTIPLIED & i couldnt Count them. I didnt understand the dream but only thought of God’ covenant to my Father Abraham in GENESIS 22. But my question then was why ” the electric bulb attached to each star? After a while, the Lord gave me another dream of 22 put in a circle (22) which I had shared previously on HKP asking for interpretation. Woman of God Kimberly Fuller’s post gave indepth explanation on year 2022 & its promises. Sir, your post has explained & ADDED other VITAL TIPS. Thank you Sir!  My Father, My Father, give me a Watching Heart not to miss your time of visitation set for me. I ask for my Prayer Watch, Tower & Closet(s) in Jesus name. Do same for all Brethren on HKP & in the world in Jesus name. AMEN!

  3. Yes, thank you.  In 2020 all I saw everywhere was 11:11.(chaos) Then I drew closer to the Lord and it changed over to 44, (chosen) which I see everywhere in a dozen different places.  All of a sudden this year it is 22, (sons of light, sonship) starting of course, with the year. I have high hopes for the year!

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