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The Most Fruitful Season Yet! — 4 Comments

  1. Dear Jill

    Greetings in Jesus Name.

    I was unfamiliar with your name, so I was eager to read your post. I was “pleasantly amazed” – that towards the end of your post- you spelled out the very same acronym the Lord too – gave me in 2020 for MAGA. (Making God’s again).

    I don’t recall posting it – but my little prayer group of intercessors knew it – for I prayed it a lot – in our little prayer group, that we (nation) would be known for belonging to God, more than great. Really – no land can be truly great if they reject God’s laws anyway. 

    God hears all our prayers and speaks to all of us, often the same thing- here, there and wherever someone will listen. So Jill – I’m a MAGA sister – and too, am praying God will birth a strong move of His Holy Spirit again in the nation. Blessings.

  2. Dear Jill,

    I so love your transparency and honesty in sharing your inner feelings and how you are doing now in the change of circumstances in your life.
    When I would be around you I shurely would seek your friendship!!

    The new „MAGA“ slogen God gave you is simply great and soo right and good! It trumps the other one by far! I hope D. Trump will make it his own soon……….! Though I am German, we pray for all of this regularly and hope that many do so for our country too……

  3. Father I thank YOU that we will BE Caught up in the “MAGA” of MAKE AMERICA GOD’S AGAIN- & KEEP The Main THING- YOU LORD- THE MAIN THING‼️

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