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Your Times and Seasons Are in God’s Hands — 12 Comments

  1. Lord Jesus thank you for the beautiful words you gave my sister Dr. June Sheltrown to edify your precious body.  I receive all the words written here and it is almost poetic the way they rhyme to encourage us and draw us even closer to you by your faithfulness and joy you bring to us.  I cannot find the words to describe the joy He brings, as He leads us on our journey with Him.

  2. This spoke to me. The first portion was exactly what I was feeling (some words were verbatim what I prayed to God as one year closed and the new one started). I receive His message through you with much gratitude. God is so good that He knows us deeply and personally and responds in a direct manner that we know when He is speaking to us. Thank you for your faithful service to Him and His people.

  3. Dr. Reinke:

    My dear sister in Christ, I feel from the Lord to encourage you in this: the teacher-scribe anointing on your life has been raised up another notch. Praise Him.

    As I was read your post above, in fact, your last several posts, I sensed a quickening annointing and a strong revalatory mantle being released. There’s an unction of understanding here, that only comes through experience, and long seasons of waiting.

    I know this post encouraged me (esp.the ‘delay is not denial’ opening…could I ever relate to that!). I know others will too.

    I am cheering-you-on Sister in Jesus – for I believe the Lord has much to share w/ the Body of Christ through your words. Godspeed.

  4. Thank you, YAH, for the love message. It is speaking to me. I was talking to you last night about what you are expressing in this message through June.  Funny you know my every thought. I love you, Abba. Thank you, June, for being a vessel for HIM. So uplifting.

  5. Thank you, this speaks right to my heart!  As I’ve walked for a decade through very hard things that don’t seem to end, I keep believing the best is still ahead In Him!

  6. Amen Amen and Amen HALLELUJAH.

    Thanks to Jesus Christ, we are all fully aligned in Christ and successfully fulfilling God’s plan in our destiny, pouring it out to influence our future generations and leading billions of souls in the last generation to come to Christ Jesus.

  7. Wow! Fantastic!
    Thanks,This message “Your times and seasons are in God’s hands.” It’s like God replied to a love letter from me, answering my confusion for more than ten years and opening my mind to let me know Him and believe that He is.
    the everlasting almighty GOD

  8. This word has touched me so deeply. I’ve been feeling like I’ve missed the mark quite often lately. Thank you for sharing.

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