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  1. I live in a country where Communism has already arrived New ZEALAND.
    ALL The newspapers seem to be censored and TV the same.
    Hate speech laws are on the books, with long jail sentences and huge fines.
    We are under UN dominion.
    Our leader Jacinda Ardern was leader of Socialist Youth International in 2009.

  2. “If MY people who are called by MY Name, will HUMBLE Themselves And PRAY, seek MY Face, Turn from Their WICKED Ways, THEN, I WILL HEAR From Heaven, and FORGIVE Their SIN, and HEAL THEIR LAND”…, 2Chronicles 7.14.. Lord give eyes to see and ears to hear what the spirit is saying to the CHURCH!✝️☝

  3. I agree with all the comments above!
    The loving people of America especially the Church needs to wake up, stand firmily to the truth in Christ & call EVIL EVIL!
    Like Nehemiah, the church & the loving people of America need to be fighting with one hand & preaching God”s words with another hand until they win the demonic war or else the day will come when they will be no more building called Church.
    This whole thing is demonic Cover up to erase christainity & must be exposed & stoped as soon as possible.
    We cry to God to help us & HE will intervene if only we will confess our sins & turn from our wicked ways!
    Thank you all!

  4. Soon COVID and all that came with it will be but a memory. I hope the children of God will learn from what is about to happen. Other wise all we are seeing will come back with a vengeance. Many in the time of Moses wanted to be free. They just did not agree with how God wanted to do it. I pray the body of Christ in this country can handle the truth many might rather take the jab then the truth. If it was that easy they would already be walking in it and all that is happening would not have happened. The real problem in this country starts and stops with the church at least that is how it is suppose to be. Problem is most of what people call church is not the church the one true God says is the church. Jesus Christ was the truth but almost no body knew who he was so much so they murdered the truth. So many in this country have done the same and brought this judgment. Brother against brother over the tiniest offense. This should not be and correction of the most severe kind is coming I pray the correction is headed. The whole world depends on it.

  5. Speak it. The evil must be exposed. Still we the Remnant must Arise in these final days and stand in the midst of the persecution. Rosh Hashana, yes blow our Shofars!! Sound of heaven!!

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