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The Office of The Prophet — 3 Comments

  1. Wow. This is the truth. Unless Father calls you a prophet and opens His heart to you, no amount of titles will insert you anywhere.
    It is a dangerous path
    A lonely path
    A firely path…

  2. The Days of “ELIJAH” are rapidly approaching this World, to bring to bear (2Kings 2:23-25, pun intended) The REVELATION (Rev 1, pun intended) AND choice between Baal or YHVH IS ELOHIYM!! 1Kings 18. Then the Cloud like a man’s, i.e. Son of Man, Hand (Ezekiel 1:4-28; Daniel 5:1-30) will come forth and The Sound of the Abundance of Rain (1Kings 18:41; Joel 2:23; Acts 2) will be heard in the land!! Judges 5:1-5.

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