The Oracle


He was angry for the way they were constantly trying to trip Him up; for the way they flaunted themselves in what they called righteousness.  And He was grieved, at the hardness of their hearts.

Can you imagine, being upset because someone could heal a man with a crippled hand?   How was it, that the rules of their group, their own commandments, would seek to stop a miracle.

You don’t always know when you step forth to speak, just what the Spirit wants to say.  You study, you fast and pray, and you start out with what you feel He wants.

Just as you begin to open your mouth for a message, the Spirit decides to go in a different direction.  And sometimes, it happens right in the middle of your message.

What a thrilling thing to see and be a part of.  There is such great joy and glory, in seeing what the Holy Ghost can do; the true power in it.

The greatest and least of the apostles, wrote that we should desire spiritual gifts.  Either we can recount what we’ve heard others say, or we can share what we ourselves observed.

This writer went on to explain what each of those gifts were.  It was the Spirit, who later taught us more about them, and how they could operate.  The true learning, often came about by watching others demonstrate what the Spirit can do.  And also with a one-on-one relationship with Him.

Called to speak in the Spirit, a true oracle, in this sense, speaks the genuine oracles of God.

At this point, we must re-advise ourselves, that our human understanding is limited; still looking through that glass, darkly.  Chosen, prior to our knowledge.

Sadly, we can see what transpired when certain orders sought to stop the work that was promised to all of us.  But there is a reality that surpasses all of the resistance.  Those who sought gifts rightfully, got them anyway.

And they still have them.  Speaking what saith the Spirit, in this hour, is the oracle’s responsibility.

It’s their duty, their job, their calling.  It is certain, that all of those filled with the Spirit, are called to speak about the things of the Lord and to share it.

But in His order for the Church, God has set men and women, in places that He intended for them to stay.   Finally, we’ve begun to realize, that we the people, are the church.  True revelation sees, that it always was that way.

It does not matter what many in the modern church of today call themselves.  It’s really all about demonstrating what we say we have.

To the genuine, present-day, called of God oracles, it has been my experience that when the time comes, when you absolutely have to speak in the Holy Ghost.  You will no longer be able to even restrain yourself.

God is not going to let those gifted in the Spirit stay in the background.  It matters not how much you’ve been cast out, or how you’ve been pressed out of measure.  You won’t run.

If you are actually being given revelation by the Spirit today, you will have a thorn.  And it might be as in the apostle’s case, God will even choose not to remove it.  Our weaknesses might be there, to keep us humble.

Forget what other people might say about this.  The lack of understanding, may have a lot to do with, how abundant those revelations have been.

For this journey, it’s not about what human spirits are saying.  It’s about what the Spirit is saying to the Church.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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